More than one unit on a drill night

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Anybody here share a drill night with another unit in the TAC ? Reecently found out that, due to the high number of units parading at the TAC, we may have to share a drill night with a another det, I was wondering what opinions anyone has on this especially with recruiting. Do you recruit seperately or join forces ? that sort of thing
  2. The_Duke

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    We do - previously R Signals and now RE. We had a good relationship with the R Signals, and worked amongst ourselves to sort out the recruiting issue. We fished in slightly different ponds, so to speak, but we pointed our P Coy failures to other London Inf units if they had passed CIC, or the Sigs if they hadn't. Similarly, if any Sigs people lost their mojo they could come and have a crack at P Coy.

    The RE are still finding their feet a little, but I am confident we can come to the same arrangement.

    In terms of actual recruiting, many of the events in London are centrally controlled, so you are all there anyway. We then ran our own individual recruiting activities. Each unit had a particular selling point, so while people spoke to both, they eventually made their own mind up; mainly on the physical v technical issue.
  3. Sharing with engineers and cadets at our place. Don't really see much of the engineer lot but you can hear the cadets a mile off. Don't think discipline is the cadets number one priority. Mind you, should have guessed that when one of the little ***** was cutting around the centre very un-shaven minus his beret. Cue the SgtMaj pulling him up to much amusement.

    If TA unit's where to share centres would it make sense to put two units together that could help each other out. ie: a REME TA unit with say an armoured inf unit.??
  4. We used to share a drill hall in Manchester with THEM. We strangely enough experienced no confusion between people wanting to join an AD battery and people who loved hill walking and underwater knife fighting.
  5. This may not work because,
    A, How many armoured inf TA units do you know of?
    B, In the REME TA most if not all the VMs are B mechs and therefore not worthy of working on armour!

    However if it was Mech inf then it would be possible.
  6. My Unit shares and parades on the same night as a TA Band (to be known as wankers)
    we are a smallish Sqn and an RHQ and have very few privates that are trained soldiers the wankers never do duties ie guards on a drill night there excuse was if we make our guys do guards they wont come in well our turnout is pump becuase the same guys are always getting spamed for duties
    car parking is a pain for a marching band they dont like walking more then 10 feet carrying there instraments and find it impossible to park in marked spaces
    the wankers think an acceptable thing is to walk through the middle of the drill hall during the SSM's muster parade
    they also think an aceptable form of ID is "I am in the band" if the sprog on the gate dont recognise them
    they never do any military training andd one of them claims not to have done any MATTS/ITD's for 3 years and the last time i saw any of them wear a uniform was rememberance parade 2005 and that was ceremonial uniform
    oh that was a bit of a rant oh well never mind
  7. Sh*t band, then.

    We shared a TA Centre with our band, they used to do their ITDs alongside us - and had a 92% FFR rate against held strength one year. Which is somewhat better than average, you'll agree....

    Just to rub it in, they were musically excellent, to the extent that they did the Colours parade for our affiliated Regular Bn, rather than the regular band. Fecking immaculate, they were.
  8. ther weapons certainly haven't been out of the armoury since they were delivered
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    C) An Armd unit would be scaled for its own LAD anyway.