More than just a driver?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonwest1, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. My son is part way through phase 1 and has enlisted as a driver. He is now thinking of a more specialist driving/logistics trade, port opps maybe. Any thoughts or advice on this or any other interesting jobs that I could pass on to him please.
    thank you
  2. Air Despatcher - brilliant job. Only down side is you have to work with crabs.
  3. Click on this LINK

    Plenty of trades where your son can still drive and get qualifications
  4. I've worked with a lot worse
  5. So have I - but they're still crabs!
  6. True, however access to WRAFs more than made up for it :D
  7. VS, the way ahead!!!

    Now Driver Veh Spt Spec, chunter, moan, fuggin TROGGS!!!! Arrsebiscuits!!!!
  8. Can't you get cream for that?
  9. Specialist training? With Paras or Royal Marine Commandos?
  10. Movement Controller. Once you get the red armband, you have a licence to fcuk God around!
  11. The only downside to Air despacher is if you dont like Lyneham or its surrounding area or Brize as that where you will end up. The lads I have spoken to love the job.

  12. become an ammunition (AT)

    very fast promotion interesting job especially in the EOD side of life
  13. The prosecution moves to have that struck from the record your Honour and refers you Lordship to the Mov Con AGM thread.
  14. It won't be a problem if his knuckles drag on the floor! He's a driver and has reached his ceiling already! :D
  15. After a long career, with lots of 'joint' jobs; I have to say I have developed a penchant for the almost always gorgeous WRAF Dental Techs/Hygienists.

    (Notice i said WRAF not RAF)

    Unfortunately this was almost always cancelled out by the species of wench populating RLC Transport and Movement units.