More than 6 years in?? You are probably a mong.......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 54sqnrct, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. I did about 4 and a half years in the RCT. To be honest it wasn't that interesting although I did get my licences and got to see a bit of the world (but not much) which ultimately is why I joined.

    Personally I think NO ONE should serve any longer than 6 years in the Army. Think of all the mongs you have known who have done over 6 .....especially those 22 year Lance Jacks who leave the Army and are only any good for working for some 4 pounds an hour security company stagging on down Tescos.

    We had a bloke start at our place the other day who had done 12 years in the Parachute Regiment (allegedly) and I have never met such an unintelligent character in my life. This bloke literally has to be told when to go and take a dump. 12 years being told what to do has seriously screwed him up. All he does is bang on all day about how wonderful life in the Airborne brotherhood was and how many 'Craphats' he bashed up etc etc. Another bloke I worked with did 22 years in the Catering Corps although some of the things he supposedly did during those 22 years he would have been better suited to the SAS. He was telling me how he used to parachute into the jungle in Belize with a 10 man cookset on his back to get the dinner ready. Whats worrying is he was totally serious.

    I've never met 2 more full of schisse characters in my life. Obviously you cant beat it for top entertainment value though. But WHY do most blokes who do over 6 years come out as such total mongs????????? Are these 2 farkwits indicitive of most ex squaddies with over 6 years in?
  2. 54sqnrct. So what job do you do now, and how much does it pay?

  3. I work for a large pharmaceutical company. I earn £29,000 but thats because the area of the UK I choose to live and work in has lower wages than the South East. Suits me though.
  4. I must admit you... Kind of have a point. I think if you have got more than 6 - 8 years in and havent seen a promotion oppurtunity then you could be a case for concern. But if your are coming up to 6 years as a full screw or something then you could be a flyer and may get the £8-Per Hour at Marks n Spencers instead.

    I did meet a Walty REME lad over christmas... Harping on about doing CFT's with his personal weapon... The GPMG! I just humoured him and said things like... Oooo Unlucky etc etc. Unti he got on the "The infantry reckon they have it the hardest on ex but they dont". Like a Bull to a Red Rag i fixed Bayonets and engaged him with AW (AntiWalt) Rounds!!!
  5. Got to be a 'mong' and farkwit to join the RCT in the first place......doesn't say much for you ex remf boy ;-)
  6. I think I'm right. Everyone I've ever met whose done over 6 years never fails to bang on about the army and what they've done (or allegedly done) in their time in. Yours is a classic example. I asked the 'Para' the other day if he fancied a cuppa and he just looked at me blankly. I had to say 'MATE FANCY A BREW' before he knew what I meant. And he said he wanted 'COFFEE NATO'

    God. Mongs. They're hard work innit.
  7. Ok these 22 year lance jacks leave with a half decent pension .Whats wrong with that ?
    You get mongs in every job not just in the army .Some people are thick , its not there fault
    let them crack on with it . As long as they can do there job so what . Noticed that you were RCT
    well thats a class act to follow .
  8. Got to be a 'mong' and farkwit to join the RCT in the first place......doesn't say much for you ex remf boy ;-)[/quote]

    AHA!!! Now heres a classic example!!!!

    What regiment were you in and in what way was it any better than the RCT???????
  9. You noticed I was ex RCT.......bloody hell are you a detective??????????
  10. £29k. Are you on family support too?

  11. No. Your sister bungs me £100 quid now and then for me to sleep with her but thats it.
  12. She said you were crap and your bedsit is a shite hole. Pikey.
  13. My God you come on here with your REMF badge for all to see
    and yet you slag off everyone who has done more than 6 years !
    I have done over double that , i am not a mong .Next time you
    get up for your same old working day with your same old work mates
    spare a thought for us ''mongs'' in the army whilst we go and do
    something important for this country .Ex remf civvy you hold my
    upmost respect .
  14. Suits me. Regular hours decent conditions virtually on my doorstep nice pension etc etc.

    By the way that MPEG thing that you have of the bloke smashing his head on the keyboard is the funniest thing I've seen in months.
  15. Troll/Walt/Troll-Walt?