More Terror Arrests.

Not much to go on from the article. Maybe deport them to where they came from which is probably Scunthorpe , sorry Scunthorpe. Students as well, planning something now that's a first. Can't do it tomorrow as it's half price creme de menthe at the union bar and the day after one has a lecture and the day after that one has to write a thesis and the following day another is going to see his aunty and then it's the weekend and one felt bad because he had a bad creme de menthe in the union bar and the day after one has to take his driving test and then the next day the phone will be cut off so they can't go out as they have no money so they sit and plan and that's all they do because that's all they can do. So just deport them, sorry again Scunthorpe but then maybe it's just the supply of illegal gollies.

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