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More Taxes?

Chancellor Gordon Brown says the UK "will spend what it takes" to tackle Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.   In casting aside his normal caution over open-ended spending, the chancellor has effectively offered a blank cheque for war against Iraq.

Who is going to pay for this in the end?  I despair.  I know that git Saddam Whosaney needs removing, but wouldn't it be quicker for SF to pin-point his position and cruise missile his butt to Hell ?  


Well the simple answer to your question is us the tax payer... who else....

As to using SF to nail him.... you forget that we have no real input into the war... we are just there to make up the numbers and to make Tony Blair look good in front of George Bush.

1.75 billion pounds is the limit at present by the way, but is likely to cost 3.5 Billion pounds. (according to the BBC)

Link there

Mr Brown told a meeting of business people in London: "I make no apology for saying we will spend what it takes to prevent the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons by states that defy international community and to advance the cause of disarmament.

"Our armed forces do an outstanding job for Britain and today I make clear our gratitude for the work they do and my resolve to ensure our armed forces are properly equipped for whatever lies ahead.

At least I trust Gordon Brown a lot more than I trust BuffHoon to make good his promises.

However, the more cynical man might say, that this is what the Treasury always says , before war, spends as little as it can to prosecute the war, then makes drastic cuts after the war, to pay for it.

Incidentally, the US have been holding a closed bid process, to see which companies will get to rebuild Iraq post war.

Care to take a guess, at how many British companies are in that process? lolololololol

The Governments lost the plot. You're my Prime minister Tony, get up in public, and tell me how exactly this war is going to benefit the BRITISH economy . Don't start by saying,  "If the war isn't fought, then there will be terrorism all over the UK"

Guess what, Al-Quaeda (if it exists) is not connected with Iraq, they are fundementalist terrorists. They couldn't give a sh1t if we bombed Iraq back to the Pre-Cambrian , they are going to attack anyway.

If Gordon Brown wants to know where to spend this loot, ask the troops, and the UK emergency services. It appears, we are not the only ones with comms problems. I know the fireblokes still lurking, can confirm that the new wunder radios they have don't work adequately. As for the rest of the bollox I watched on the news last night..."2,300+ Police Officers, are now fully trained in CBRN  - Define fully trained.

Christ, it's like watching the Iceberg dead ahead, but even though the engines are screaming in all-reverse-full , momentum will carry us forward.

Rant Magazine depleted, Mag change imminent
Well of course there will be more taxis, with so many bloody asylum seekers entering the country we need to employ them somehow. The taxi-cab business is good for the govt, the drivers do not need driving lisences, road tax or insurance but will pay their way through overpriced fuel along with everyone else. That is true equality! ;)

Will the new Taxes be based on old technology, a full frontal barrage like national insurance, or the latest design stealth ones the govt has been testing out for the last couple of years? ???

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