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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Here's one for the legal team..

    So, If an employee can be taxed when parking on private ground that is owned by their employer, does that also mean that free parking at supermarkets and out-of-town retail parks also fall into the same taxation umbrella?

    Being a town centre trader and as our trade is so highly affected by town councils charging parking fee's to town centre shoppers, and given that those that use supermarkets and retail parks get to park for free, surely this whole idea of taxing workers for parking free-of-charge on private lands also encompasses retail parks and supermarket car parks.

    I would assume that taxing two groups of people, I.e. town centre shoppers and workers who park for free, whilst then allowing another group, supermarket and retail park shoppers, to park free of charge could be called discrimination!!
  2. I doubt there is any discrimination there, although I can see where you are coming from on that.
    A car park in an out of town shopping park is private land so I don't see how anyone can tax the individual motorist. The land owner can charge if they wish, at their peril. If the local council levy a tax per parking space per day then that would have to be passed on to the motorist.
    Where did the story come from? I suspect they have just done some brain storming with some 'blue sky thinking' chucked in.
    It would be quite typical though, levy a tax without providing a viable alternative.
    Once we are all travelling to work on the bus with the C2Ds then there will be a bus tax. Then, when we are all walking to work, there will be a walking tax.
    Heads they win, tails we loose. Mean while, the rest of the world just get on with it and our 'leaders' do everything they can to stymie our economy.
  3. Sorry, not read the article closely enough... It's old news apart from Bristol and Notts...

    "A number of councils across the country had floated the idea of workplace parking levies as a way of easing town centre congestion, but the proposals were abandoned as the Coalition voiced its determination to end what it said was Labour's "war on the motorist"
  4. It was an article in the Daily Telegraph.

    If councils have the power to impose a tax on employee's parking on land behind my store that is owned by me, then how can they let Free parking at private land owned by retail park pension funds go untaxed and uncharged. To me, that's discrimination!
  5. It's only a quid and it'll save the planet yah! Anyway, Eric "Jabba" Pickles will have this shot down between finishing his no doubt massive breakfast and arriving at work in his bariatric, ministerial limmo.

    It could be worse. If the socialists win the election in France, they've promised to raise the top rate of tax to 75%, That means rich Frogs like Dominic Strauss-Khan will move to London and monopolise all the best prostitutes for themselves.
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  6. To be fair to DSK, he'd probably apportion his time between pros and hotel maids.

    French prostitutes tend to be better looking.
  7. The Stinking Liarbore Party when it ruined Blighty tried to bring in annual Parking charges for private householders for the privilege of parking on their own property.... but was thrown out. So perhaps our local Councils aided and abetted by Camerloony and the Limp-Dick Coalitions are going to see if they can get away with piece of crap once more..... first work priced parking imposed on people.... then, how soon private households for parking on their own property off-road...? (Les Batards, Voleurs et Merdes)
  8. For an answer to that, look up the contributions made to political parties by the major supermarket chains.
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  9. The councils already have a handy scheme for taxing you when you park at home, if you happen to live in a permit holders area you have to pay the council for the priviledge of a bit of paper that says you are allowed to park outside your property.

    As for bus lanes freeing up congestion, what a load of bollocks. The bus lane is not an extra lane added onto traffic, it's a lane removed from the highway and made illegal to drive on apart from the couple of buses an hour that go down there creating even more congestion because there is now only one lane open to traffic instead of two. It's like the 2+ lane on a section of the M62, it removes the hard shoulder and traffic is always bad enough due to a couple of junctions around there, but factor in everyone in the 2+ lane trying to merge into the first driving lane and you are sat around for a considerable length of time waiting to get moving. But of course if some ****ing idiot with no idea about how the real world works wishes to tick a few boxes so they can claim they have miles of cycling lanes and bus lanes then what can you do.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I wonder if this charge will apply to toon cooncilors parking at the Town Hall, or will they be exempt?
  11. A bit more on parking, my town is pathetic when it comes to parking. They replaced a very large car park that made parking if you were visiting town with some monstrosity that it still being built all so we can have a poxy Nandos and a cinema. Now there is hardly any parking in town and the wardens are the worst jobsworths you can imagine. I'm a mobile working and have to work in town centres sometimes, in Huddersfield and Bradford there is a number I can ring if I'm in a pay and display bay or if there are none available I can park my van in a sensible spot and let them know where I am so the wardens don't slap a ticket on the van. In Halifax, no such joy. We have a small area outside the post office where we can park and that the public take advantage of despite the fact it's a loading bay and only we have permission to stay there for as long as needed, so of course the wardens try ticket me for not being behind the white line where we are allowed when they have three cars sat there whilst they have****ed off to go shopping.
  12. They are clearly too important to be charged the cost.