More substance to "7 Bde to Leuchars and Lossiemouth" rumours?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by regular_imbiber, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. It could also be 20 Armd Bde. The infrastucture in the surrounding area is not suitable for conveying heavy equipment as there are only B roads. Also the time frame of 5 years to move whichever Bde is unachievable, I can see that it may be closer to 10 years.
  2. Plenty of space at the local railway station to put in some sidings and a panzer loading ramp.
  3. Possibly, but being party to some 7 Bde Head Shed chatterings it seems that this Leuchars/Lossiemouth scenario is growing legs along with the "CSS element to Lyneham" bit.
  4. You can load rail flats in the camp itself
  5. Quite right; I'd forgotten that the track was still in place. Just need to cut a BFO hole in the wire.
  6. Where on earth is the armour going to train?
  7. Fife; miles and miles of bugger-all. (MAMBA).
    Think of it as BATUS-by-the-Sea.
  8. How in the heck do we deploy to Afghanistan if it takes 10 years to move a Bde to UK?
  9. I think the tracks have been partly lifted. There was a discussion about Leuchars on Pprune a while ago RAF Leuchars - Page 9 - PPRuNe Forums. I know when I was based there in the 70's, there were plans to lift the tracks once the fuel pipeline was installed and operational. Lots of fun helping Willie the Engine do the shunting and as a war role, we were trained to drive the shunter in case Willie was 'taken out' - one of the few times that an exercise inject was greated with some enthusiasm!
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    From a purely selfish POV this is good news. I own a house in Craigellechie, about 12 miles south of Elgin. It's currently rented out to one of our sideways scuttling 'colleagues' so you can imagine that we have become slightly concerned about the fate of Lossiemouth etc.

    Presumably the plan is to turn it into a 'super garrison'. I wonder if it will have an MDHU? That would also be good news.
  11. I didn't think the UK rail gauge was big enough to take armour; thats why we always load load inthe UK?
  12. A quick squiz at Google Earth and reveals that with characteristic forward thinking, the railhead at Leuchars has been dismantled.

    Interestingly with regard to chicken_jim's comment about the compatibility of armour and rail in the UK, MoD contributed to the cost of restoring the Wensleydale railway in Yorkshire because they planned to use it to transport armour to and from Catterick (via the railhead at Redmire).
  13. That is the general case, but where the road infrastructure is also weak and an existing rail facility could be utilised. The rauge of the line has nothing to do with the width of the rails in this case, but is more genric and refers also to things like tunnel width/heights, bridge strengths and bend radii. There may be scope for increasing all these, or keeping the armour in WFM elsewhere with only training vehicles being on base. They may even move them in by ship!!
  14. Outstanding: what a splendid idea to move big tanky things by ship and I commend it to the hise. There's Rosyth 35 miles down the road, Dundee 16 miles up the road to land things at and RM Condor at Arbroath to ensure the battle training at weekends goes on apace in the seaside villages and towns of north Fife and Angus.