more stuff binned

I heard they are going for the more cost effective option.



"More stuff binned"

I though this was yet another thread about site moderation.

Thankfully, it's just another about Labours disbandment of the Armed Forces.

All aboard!
WTF are Navy supposed to do? Engage an enemy with harsh fucking language?

We were once a nation that ruled the civilised world.
keep cutting all three services then before you know we can no longer provide a viable defence of the uk so geuss what we'll join the european defence force (brit corps eu army)
I love the fact that this was decided 2 months ago (and that's being charitable) but it's being dribbled out r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

Couldn't care less - the Army have done the best out of PR08 - and yes, I accept it's all relative.
Generalissimo said:
Mr Ainsworth said there were not "unlimited resources" for the Navy but the fleet had "sufficient capability".
Sufficient for what? Harbour patrol?
I can see where you're going with this, but what do you think the Royal Navy needs to be able to do, expressed in capability terms?
This Ainsworth (jobsworth?) bloke really is an annnoying little man. Unlimited resources? The ones promised in the SDR are all anyone asks for. Or even SDR new chapter - 2004. It is significant that both the current First Sea Lord and the one before him have started we do not have enough ships.

My view is that the UK needs about thirty escorts. Admiral Sir Alan West, then First Sea Lord, to the Commons' defence select commitee in December 2005.

Since then the Navy has continued to be stretched.

The Type 45 is of course designed specifically for anti air warfare, intended as a one on one replacement for the Type 42. When in 2002 it was decided to axe the Sea Harrier fighter the MOD argued that the loss of air defence capability was compensated for by the missile systems carried by frigates and destroyers, and the twelve Type 45s entering service from 2007 (sic). Since then the numbers have been cut from 31 to 25, the Type 45 ordered was reduced to eight (now six?) and the T45 entry in service delayed. Therefore the risk caused by not having SHAR has been has had aditional risks added to it.

Remember the loss of the Atlantic Conveyor in the Falklands and the problems caused by losing those Chinooks (and Wessex, and lots of other equipment) she was carrying? Imagine the stategic consequences if a merchant vessel with a significant number of helicopters, Warriors or AS90s was lost due to lack of air defence and lack of escorts?

These issues have been discussed at length on the PPRuNe Sea Jet thread. However, if your IP address (I believe they are assigned as and when by ISPs) has already been used to log in on PPRuNe, you will get nowhere. There is, however, an archived version of the thread but it is less easy to read. PPRuNe has had problem with misusers hence the current restrictions.

Back to the T45, there were rumours that nos 7 and 8 would be used to test a new navalised 155mm gun, which would offer a range of up to 100km with extended range ammunition.

The money spent on design and development was going to be spread over all twelve ships, now it will be only six, making individual ships more expensive. This, argue the beancounters, is why we can't afford more....
Grey24-7 said:
I think it's time for a coup :(
At last. Somebody understands the real reason Zanu Labour are disbanding the armed forces.

They do seem remarkably unconcerned about being buried under a landslide at the next election. With the Civil Contingencies Act giving Broon the right to suspend elections, the police controlled by fully paid up members of the loony left and the armed forces emasculated, Broon could do a Bob Mugabe with little to worry about.

I just love some of the quotes on the Broon Broadcasting Company:-

The government has cancelled plans to build an extra two Type 45 Destroyers for the Royal Navy.
IIRC 12 were initially recommended. We currently have 6 on order. In what way would another 2 be 'extra'.

The reality is we do not have unlimited resources.
The reality is exactly the opposite.

There is unlimited funding, guaranteed by law, for projects that tickle Zanu Labour's fancy. Unlimited Legal Aid for asylum seekers; cash for unmarried baby factories; sex change ops for blokes in prison; welfare benefits for illegal immigrants and, be still my beating heart, fifty quid for chavs who agree to give up smoking.

[/quote]The six destroyers already on contract will provide a formidable capability.
Not with half of them in indefinite 'refit', one 'at extended readiness' and the remaining one sent to sea unarmed 'cos we can't afford the ship AND the missiles.

I wonder what it will take to wake this government up? British families being napalmed live on CNN while the RN tries to evacuate them from a beach in some war torn sh1t hole might do the trick.

Anyway. Must stop ranting. I'm off to fax this to the Mail to see if they'll give me a job.
The secret is out chaps, everyone just wants to get along except us brutish military types. It is time to for us to stop manufacturing needless wars and recognise the Taliban as a legitimate social movement whose members have needs in feelings.

Needs being to crush and utterly anhillate several thousand years of upwards social evolution in the western world, the concept of reason.

Feelings being to putting themselves in charge of a 7th century caliphate where they will hold ultimate power over life and death and fcuk whoever they want.

Really what kind of monsters are we to want to stand in their way and try to force our post enlightenment views and notions of individual freedom and justice onto them.
singha61 said:
Refloat HMS Victory send out the press gangs and sweep the streets of useless chavs
Chavs afloat. Dear God. I can see it now.

"Call the fuc*ing hands. Its only fuc*ing 0630. I only got in from clubbing half an hour ago."

"This is genuine Burberry Chief. Cost more than you earn in a month. I'll wear it on parade if I like."

"Is it OK to send a few texts to me m8 while the Captain's talking to me at defaulters?"

"Six month deployment. Fark off. Me and me bird have just got a council house. She'll have moved in with somebody else by the time I get back."
Chav vs old fashion GI, now that'd be entertaining...
Don't you mean election?

but even that would be a waste of time without

1. land reform (55 million people and 55 million acres, go figure)
2. money reform (Treasury nationalise all private banking including the BoE)

Let me know when someone bothers to stand on that social justice banner and I'll vote 'em in. :roll:

Unless your coup plotters are thinking along similar lines like in Portugal in the 1970s????? :D

Grey24-7 said:
I think it's time for a coup :(

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