More strife for our suicide bombers..

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frog_face, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Following the Glasgow Airport escapade, where a potential bomber was burn't to a crisp, and the limo bomber who was boiled with scalding water in prison, another, one of the 24/7 attempted bombers, returned to his cell to find it on fire (unfortunately, he wasn't in it at the time).'s-jail-cell-set-on-fire
  2. Someone obviously needs to work on their timing of events.
  3. My heart bleeds for the subhuman rat.
    Agreed, about the timing.
  4. oh dearie me never mind ,better luck next time.

    If they hadn't tried to push for the right to pray in an area set aside for them, they wouldn't be getting any stick, in trying to commit these crimes, they forfeited the right to be called "Muslims" i can predict the next few years is going to be fairly difficult for them, perhaps a handy length of rope could be placed in their cell for their own use :twisted:
  5. I agree, their faith should dis-own and denounce them, if it is really against their actions.
  6. I liked the end of the article where it describes another prisoner bomber who was banged up for plotting to "blow up New York". That would have taken a large amount of bang mixture!
  7. There should be an immediate investigation - whoever put the fire out sould be brought to justice.
  8. Apparently they are going to build Muslim only prisons.

    Shame we can't have a non-muslim only country.
  9. Thats got to be a WHAAAA!! Right?
  10. Vulgar, have you, or would you, urinate in a water bowser? That last comment makes me think that you are the sort of person who would.

    What makes this country "Great" is it's cultural diversity, and tolerence.

    Comments like that, align you with extremists, of any religion. Why can't everyone be moderate, and tolerate everyone else?
  12. Not so, the usual suspects in the Muslim 'legal' and 'community leaders' circus have demanded it - obviously so even bit plyers can be fully indoctrinated and a zillion 'human rights' law suits can be initiated.

    Fortunetly even new labour have realised thats it would be media and non muslim voter poison.
  13. No, but we do have our fair share of readers who believe the Daily Mail is as good as the gospel. Ignorance is apparently not all that bliss

  14. Bollocks! There is nothing "Great" about the cultural diversity in this country. There is nothing "Great" about the Culture that we already had thankyou very much being drowned in a pathetic embarressed fear that if we dare to hold on to it we are all racists.
    There is nothing racist about not wanting foreigners to invade our country, or about not wanting to lose our identity and culture, or about actively promoting and ressurecting our culture.
    Cultural diversity can go and fuck itself. No nation is more hospitable than this one. It's peoples hardly used to notice skin colour or ethnic origin. We have a culture and there is no room for any diversity here.
    British culture is something to be proud of and is worth protecting.
    The government admitted that multi-cultural didn't work...that all went very quiet again I notice.
    There is just one culture that belongs in Britain and all others are unwanted by the native majority.
    This seems to have to work only the one way.
    One can be moderate and tolerate everyone else for just so long. But when those who we tolerate take our hospitialty as weakness and our tolerance as an invitation to trample over our culture and religion and introduce and spread their own it all becomes a nightmare to the native who sees their country and culture slipping away, making them feel like a stranger in their own land.
    I don't want foreign Moslems or indeed any foreigners moving into my country. I'm definately not a racist by any means and still try to pay no attention to skin colour or ethnicity.
    Oh and I would never piss into a bowser either!!