More State Theft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Just when people are suffering enough, trust Labour to come up with another way to bum fcuk all those that now have to commute to get to work.

    Motorists to pay £250 tax for parking at work

    Motorists who drive to work face having to pay a £250 “parking tax” under a scheme to be announced by ministers on Friday.

    The country’s first “workplace parking levy” will come into force in Nottingham in 2012 and is likely to be adopted by other councils.

    Under the scheme, any firm with 11 or more staff parking spaces will be charged £250 a year for each. That cost could rise to £350 within two years.
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    I suppose that all those that are on low incomes and only work 16 hours per week will get theirs paid for them by the local benefits office. Obviosly just another Tax to get in now so that the next Government are hobbled before they even start.

  2. I are a cripple and I claim my rebate thank you very much. However it does actually say that its the firm that will be paying and to be honest can't see a firm being able to pass on that cost. I can just imagine the Chaos though in Nottingham as the QMC and Boots close their staff car parks and everyone trys to find parking :)
  3. As one of the poor saps that will have to pay this tax i would love to go to work by public transport, but as I live more that 20 miles away, when I'm on morning shift I would have to leave home at the evening before.

    I am not on a low income but when this bunch of a***hole have finish I will be
  4. Confusing, on one hand it states that motorists will pay the £250 but then states that the firm will be charged £250 for each space. If the firm does get charged will they pass it on to the motorist/employee ? If the latter is the case will the employee get a dedicated parking space ? Works out at £4.81 a week roughly. Stupid idea and just another way for the gov to rob law abiding hard working citizens...easy targets again? :evil:
  5. Can't see the likes of Tesco, M&S and all the other big out of town chains being able to pass it on to the work force. So it'll probably end up with Big Firms laying people off so as to be able to make saving's.
  6. Par for the course with the Socialists! Robbing people under the guise of "trying to help the environment".
  7. What exactly is a “workplace” car parking space? If Tesco etc close the staff car park and have the employees park in the customers car park does that count? Does parking for the firm's vehicles count? Will the government, including the army, pay? How about parking at a TAC?

    It looks like another, typically New Labour, half-baked policy to steal money.
  8. Wouldn't be a bad idea IF the incompentent, imbecilic ass hats we ahve in power were able to sort out some efficient/clean public transportation!!!!

    Or at the very least some safe cycle lanes.
  9. So if this kicks in, does the management accept the responsibility for the protection of your vehicle at work :?
  10. No but the government will allow the police to do the square root of fcuk all to keep the area safe.
  11. By 2012 this government will be extinct and I would advise any politician, local or otherwise to steer well clear of this polciy if you dont want to join them on the dole queue.
  12. It's okay everybody, with our reliable and inexpensive public transport system you won't need to drive to work. Our privatised railways aren't a gigantic clusterfuck; our buses aren't run by criminals, driven by morons and populated by saddos and wierdos; and our political leaders can be relied upon to ensure that this legislation is properly drafted and debated.

    Wait, did I just write that?
  13. I think it is Nottingham city council that are starting this scheme, not national government. It has the backing of the government though, surprise surprise.
  14. Another load of loony labour mong's thinking another load of shite to inferiate the worker again ,it will be more profitable to stay at home and do fukcall for a living,The country's donald ducked :x
  15. Jesus when will these dodgy taxations end?? people being charged cos they have a nice view from their front windows, now a levy on people who commute, what the fcuks next a fart tax?? Anybody exceeding 3 cubic meters of methane emissions a year will be charged depending on the stench and predicted damage to the environment due to their flatulence, this is getting beyond a joke, are they trying to totally take themselves out of the running in the next election???