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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Call me a Cynical and Anti-Labour Cnut. But I just can't see how sticking an age tag on a web-site will stop people looking at stuff they probably ought not to be browsing.

    Personaly, all I see it as just another attempt by Labour to infringe on our lives and have influence over our decisions. Plus obviously regulating the internet and to prevent sites from being able to discuss and disect content that isn't in agreement with that of the governments.

    It should be up to parents and guardians to police what our kids are looking at. Most ISP's have web blocking facilities available, as does the specific PC's Administrator.

    Undoutedly it will require a highly paid and tax payer funded Quango to oversea it all, with several hundred staff also being highly paid and all with final salary pension schemes. And obviously it also creates a perfect excuse for another Stealth Tax and a legitimate requirement to have an I.D. Card, as you'll need it when your web site is sent for censorship.

    (some interesting comments on the telegraph site)

    Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says

    Internet sites could be given cinema-style age ratings as part of a Government crackdown on offensive and harmful online activity to be launched in the New Year, the Culture Secretary says. Full Story
  2. sounds good
  3. It won't be long before the New Liebore stasi state has the powers to intercept and moniter every form of communication of people in Britain.All in the name of anti-terrorism,or anti-racism,or anti-anything the comrades in Liebore can think up as an excuse to increase their powers to control every aspect of the lives of Britons.

    As has been said on this website before,1984 was a work of fiction,not an instruction manual.
  4. Therein lies the problem, It does sound good. It is however wholly impractical and the sort of wizard wheeze idiot politicians come up with.

    The real answer to child safety on t'interweb is to make sure they are supervised. Burnham seems to be calling for something to let him get away with not being responsible for his kids.
  5. Yes, it is up to the state to control the 'moral hygiene' of the country. The labour politicians are better than the people of this country and we should allow them to dictate everything the people see and hear.

    long live the labour party and comrade brown.
  6. I think I'll send him a copy of 'Net-Nanny' & save the Country Billions :lol:
  7. And some posters on here were quick to denounce the ArchBishop of Canterbury of comparing the current Govrenment and thirties Germany.

    Seems more and more people are coming to draw the same conclusion.

    All it relly needs is for the glorious leader to write a book entitled 'My struggle- The Bliar Years' and history comes full circle.

    Defence spending is as low (or lower) than in the 30's.
    Unemployment is increasing every day.
    Manufacturing in the UK is at an all time low.
    H.M. Government are only interested in retaining power, not actually governing.
    Religious intolerance is on the increase.
    British troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan.
  8. If they want to waste money on internet quangos they should forget about this and put money into setting up a useful UK based Internet fraud department which can quickly track and identify those guilty of stinging people out of Millions of Pounds every year.
  9. Errr, they already do.
    Every word you type and every word you say I'm afraid.
    All internet traffic in the UK is routed through GCHQ, telephone communications are heavily monitored. Infact we generously allow the USA to do the same via Menwith Hill.
  10. You're having a fecking laugh. Nothing that NuLabour have set up, Quango'd and then funded very generously with our money has worked.

    Most of these frauds are based in other countries. Which is what is created everytime that Labour try and enforce a new State Control Measure, but labour just don't get it. Like with the email, text message and web-forum spy regime that they want to throw billions of pounds at, all in the name of anti-terrorism. It'll just make it harder to detect anything as the insurgents/fanatics will just do all of there training and planning overseas and then enter the UK on genuine passports and on radio silence.
  11. This is quite clearly a non-starter. This bloke is just trying to get his name in the papers, probably to increase his profile and aid promotion.

    Re online libel, it probably needs looking into because imo, if you break the law, you break the law whether it be online or in real life. Enforcement needs to be looked into. Most of his other ideas are just puff aimed at self-promotion. IMO.
  12. You say "most" of these frauds.

    Sadly the ones causing me the most problems are UK based online Auctions such as Ebay, and internet banking as people will keep imagining that a little Padlock-sign means safe.
  13. As for Ebay, people need to exercise more common sense. One of the cons doing the rounds at present is with money transfers using the likes of Money Gram. Seller's (con artists) are telling people to show proof of payment by faxing a copy of the money gram order. Which once you have done so the conman then has the ability to be able to collect that money from pretty much anywhere, and funnily enough you never see any goods.

    As for banking, same problem really. People will still insist on following links from phishing/spam emails that they have been sent. Once they enter there details that's it, you're fecked, and probably have an empty bank account and several new cars on HP to boot.

    The other problem is that cnut's also insist on sending Fw Fw Fw email jokes to all their pals, as they want to be the first one to have got the joke. Problem there is that everytime you Forward it, the originator gets feedback and a whole bunch of new email address's to add to there collection.
  14. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Its just the first step to be honest. First they put age certificates on websites, then they install the £12 billion 'every communication/click is logged and monitored machine'; then the 'thought police' come busting your door down for 'thought crime' or for looking at

    They are determined to control every aspect of our day to day lives, but tbh, its obvious that this is the way forward. The more that global terrorism is being coordinated through chat rooms, annoymous forums, via skype, msn and other comm's clients, it's the only way that shady characters can be monitored and interdicted.

    Sadly, that also leaves a lot of our 'porn gazing' and also some of the more unsavoury internet habits of the average bloke liable to come under the spotlight too.
  15. I wonder how the hell they intend to do it.
    a lot of internet sites come from overseas especialy the US. will these sites not be allowed to be viewed in the UK unless they are aproved, north korea style?
    or will it only aply to Uk based sites? in which case what is the point?

    and anyway, do they realy think that putting an age rating on a website is going to stop a younger person accessing them? in the same way that computer game ratings stop 10 year olds playing "grand theft auto", or film ratings stopping kids watching 18 rated movies.

    this idea is stupider than a stupid long before it comes into force do you reckon?