More Staff Wanted...Database managers

Back in November we advertised for middle management. (link for those too lazy to trawl back to the post:

Please read that thread for an overview of what we are about, ethos and attitudes etc.

The recruitment went well, and a number of individuals have now come on board. We now have a need for a 'Database Manager'. Position will be based in Reading.

This title reflects about 75% of the job initially, probably adjusting to about 50% once the individual is firmly in the post and has gripped the Db side of things.
The post will be best suited to a Chief Clk, or possibly someone like an int cell manager. (or someone who has that sort of skillset/background).
Principle duties will be:

a) to be the owner and manager of our database and records keeping. We have about 1500 records on it at present, and it's likely to be tracking some 3000 to 5000 individuals by the end of this calendar year. We are just upgrading to a sector-specific learner tracking Db, but will also, in parallel, be specifying/developing a bespoke web-based system over the next 6 months. This is an opportunity to help design and implement a ground up system that will be key to running this company efficiently.
b) to take a leading role in establishing a fully functional head office team. With some 6 people currently administering the company's national operations, we expect this team to have grown to 'about 10' by the end of the year. This has the usual roles of administering the pay, terms and conditions of our staff, and keeping track of our learners and their activites as well.

Our first advert attracted some interested (and interesting) parties: at least one person thought he was being groomed by AQ for a video nasty or some intense personal 'prison shower scene action'... The good news for any one who likes the look of this post is that we now have some individuals on board who you can speak to, and that they should put your mind at rest vis-a-vis such interesting issues.:) As before, this thread will not be regularly monitored, so please respond to this email address ( with a brief CV and contact email/phone, titled 'arrse job' (and yes, it makes the admin team laugh). We will come back to you if it all looks suitable.

As before, the bottom line is that we are not offering a free ride, but we are offering a chance to work in an organisation that is going places and has a number of like-minded individuals in key roles.
What is the salary?
That will be subject to discussion/qualifications/fit and how much we like you. Let's put it this way: we have taken on individuals from CSgt to Major so far, and none are crying about their salaries - but we are not about being 'fat dumb and happy'. That means that you are paid slightly above the market rate, with the opportunity for bonuses - and rapid pay rises if you prove worth it. Our aim is to be know as a generous employer, so that we attract above average people - but that requires mutual respect and teamwork, and we will expect you to earn it.

Don't get put off by this slightly 'management-speak' response - acknowledging that this has to be written with one eye on employment law etc, the reason this advert is here is because we have had some less than stellar results with traditional civilian approaches to recruitment. Conversely, the writer now has a senior civilian manager begging for more 'ARRSEworkers': they were very cynical initially, but are now seriously impressed by the attitude and results of some army enthusiasm and basic common-sense problem solving.

Just as an additional aside, salaries are not related to previous military rank - if you fit a particular job role, you will be paid appropriately for it, whether an ex corporal or a colonel.

Bottom line - fire in a CV and see what happens if you're interested - all completely confidential etc, so you've nothing to lose, and in the worst case we'll have given you an impartial reaction to the attempt to get a foot in the door that may help for the next time around.

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