More speed, less pain.

thats pretty similar to how i was told to run cross country. as in keeping your weight on your front foot rather then stretching it out foward. however, the reason i was taught was that if your running on slippy mud, and dont have your weight properly over the planted foot you'll end up sliding around and wasting energy.

there are a lot of these running systems around, but they are all fairly small. surely if all these really improved performance to a good degree, every professional running athlete would be using the system. iv yet to hear of one connected to a professional athlete (i may be wrong of course).

an of course to really get the hang you would need a session with a teacher of the technique, as what you think you are doing and what you actually are can be very different, so learning from a book is probably limited. and i bet having sessions with a teacher isnt cheap.


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It's a good book, been around for a while. Alexander Technique has been around for longer, & very well regarded by musicians, singers, actors, public speakers etc, as it teaches you to use the entire body correctly, thus making for better voice production, projection, and so on.

Can't say I've followed the stuff in the book rigorously (boots + rifle + bergan + webbing kind of make it hard to run lightly 'over' the ground) but it's certainly worth a look if you want to examine your running technique.

(Chris, it's not a 'running system', it's simply a book by a bloke who applied Alexander Technique to running, and there are several pros in the book who adopted some of his ideas, if I remember correctly)

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