more solders from the army bureaucracy into combat units

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. "Tail to teeth" anyone ?.
  2. Oh joy! At the risk of reading more racist than our stereotype usually allows for, this is going to be a howl with - for example - 3 US Army. Take a look at any infantry, SF, artillery or other combat arm within 3rd Army, and the population is almost totally Caucasian in appearance. Visit any rear area, Quartermaster Corps or admin unit and the ratios are fully reversed. Curious, no? Actually, not at all so. In the Southern states, the career and academic progression that the US Army provides is a good route out of certain social strata. You can enlist, serve, get your degree and then, when you return to (let us say) Alabama or Georgia, you are very well placed for a second career in local government or public service. (This is a suject all of its own and will earn some West Pointer a PhD) Now, if we reckon we had a problem back in the Falklands punch up, when some of our RN friends were rather traumatised because they were being bombed, strafed and generally having their days ruined by Johnnie Gaucho, think of the outcry when the guys in the rear with the gear are invited to join all the Billy Bobs at the sharp end. If we apply Rickshaw's Law of Unforeseen Consequences, there will be upsets in the REMFs because they're going to be exposed to the unpleasant end of the stick. There will be a falling off of support from the rear (because it will be civilianised?). There will be disruption in the teeth arm elements who are going to be presented with potentially untrained and - ahem - possibly culturally unsuited soldiers. Above all, given the litigious nature of American society, wait out for the court cases that will be visited upon the US DoD unto the seventh generation. As one who regards the US as the most fascinating social experiment yet attempted by mankind, I can't wait to see the results.
  3. why do they need solder in combat units ?
  4. Top Sgt: "Pfc Leroy, your posting to the 746th "Heck On Ice skates" Latrine Provisioning Battalion, Bumm**** Arkansas, has been cancelled. You're now off to Charlie (Roadblock) Company747th "Certain Death" Provost Brigade, Baghdad. I'm Proud of you, boy."

    Pfc L: " WTF?"
  5. Heck! Welcome Mr Rumsfeld...... No Sirreee Bob, we don't need soldiers on the ground, we just need to deploy the technological might of the US to solve all our problems.

  7. Of course, the Russian army is turning away recruits, so many young Russians are volunteering.
  8. Andy!

    Russia is not so rich (as USA). With such salaries as in USA there would be no need in draft.
  9. Sergey, really, why are you so obsessed with the USA? You seem to spend all your time surfing the net looking for stories that in some way reflect badly on the USA, then posting them on here.

    Whatever the USA's faults, and there are many, I'd live there rather than in Russia, any day of the week.
  10. Lickshaw werry racist comment.
    True but werry racist.
  11. Andy!

    What can I say. I visited (briefly) few years ago forum of Russian Communist party. I was called there as Zionist, servant of capitalists, cnut, piece of bullsh... and so on.

    On one BBC's forum as was called as 'anti-Semite', 'descendant of Ukrainian fascists', that I work 24/7 to destroy Israel and so on.

    In both cases I wrote innocent phrases (at least from formal point of view) and used quotes from speeches of 'comrade Zyuganov', Haaretz, Jerusalem Post.

    Really I'm friend of USA and only friends are able to tell you truth. Simply I like this motto: 'more solders from the army bureaucracy into combat units' and that's all. It sounds funny.

    Many times I told about wrongdoings in Russian army with concrete examples. Recently I mentioned case then new navy disel-engines were sold by officers to Polland. But these stories (as I understand) are not interesting to people there.
  12. Sergey, why do you assume that we're all obseesed with the USA to the same extent that you clearly are? Why don't you write about something/somewhere else for a change?
  13. Andy!

    You have wrong a impressions. Are all my posts only about USA? No, of course, only part of them.

    US is the only superpower, real centre where vital decisions are being made. American policy is in the focus main-stream mass-media. So it is impposibe to avoid mentioning of USA. But I will try to mention USA as rarely as possible (in negative context).
  14. Leave him alone. I enjoy reading something interesting posted on Arrse. Don't read his posts if you don't like it. Or give us a really interesting alternative thread to read instead. (This was all written of course while I was smiling so as you know I'm not being rude to you.) 8O