More snooping laws slipped in through the back door

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. Cnuts are at it again.

    Yet again, these left wing moronic socialists are slipping in even more new laws that will give the ever increasing Stasi State the power to invade our privacy. Not content with creating over 4000 new laws in the last 13 years and not content with giving Local Officers hundreds of lawful reasons for being able to enter our houses and not content with pushing for new ELINT measures for monitoring our emails, text messages and phone calls, the Politburo have now sneaked in this little gem without anyone even so much as batting an eyelid.

    Needless to say, that when challenged it will all be put down to good economics and that it will help to recoup billions of pounds that are lost to the Treasury in the ever growing Black Economy that the same power crazed government has created, and in doing so that it will help to repay the debt that the same incompetent morons have created. I mean, that annual debt repayment bill that currently stands at £43-Billion wont go down on its own you know.

  2. Why are you surprised at this? All gobments have been doing this for donkey's! Although why the UK gobment suddenly feels the need to pass a law about it is beyond me. Anyway, that's what restrictive and oppressive gobments (in this case Capitalist) do when they're of a mind to suppress any opposition to their "favourites" helping themselves to other folks' dosh.

  3. Sorry some of that quote is factually incorrect.

    "Tax inspectors" do not work at postal sorting depots - they are Customs officers.

    They do not have to "notify the addressee and agree a mutually acceptable time to open the letter or parcel, before deciding whether to take any enforcement action"

    Doesn't work too well when you are looking for Class A drugs or kiddie porn.

  4. I know someone who was posting fags back from Sierra Leone and Customs didn't mutally agree anything with him, just sent a snotty-o-gram around the house the fags were going to saying they were going to be confiscated.
  5. Bugsy our current gobment is an unholy mix, all that is wrong with socialism/communism (The snooping, the need for control, the pathological hatred of all things patriotic and noble) combined with the worst aspects of capitalism, the greed, the corruption, the exploitation of the workers.

    No one disputes that genuine and dangerous criminal suspects should be investigated and monitored but under this government, we are ALL suspects. Especially the honest, the hard working and the law abiding.

    Because we are ruled by liars, criminas, perverts and corrupt traitors, they think we are all like them... they project their own characteristics on the rest of us.

    History has a habit of repeating itself which is why I'm confident that one day our political class will get exactly whats coming to them.

    I myself hope to command one of the execution squads.
  6. Don't hold your breath; CCTV came in under the Conservatives and they were quite happy that all phone calls abroad are monitored. They made no attempt to repeal laws allowing Customs more access to your home than the police. I'll fall about laughing when the opposition get in and it's situation normal. Feck all to do with Socialism.
  7. Liebours Election slogan should be…

    Ausweis, bitte!

  8. Kein Arbeit Mach Frei! would be more appropriate.
  9. Something to do with the Poll Tax Riots me thinks. Civil uprising is not something that embedded in the British Blood. So when we do repell against our masters they tend to, shitt their pants, and then do everything possible to stop it from ever happening again.

    As I once said before, the law can only be enforced upon those that first wish to obey it. And by that I mean all those that want to live within our society that that law is for. Hence the reason that travellers are largely untouched and why the western world will never eradicate forces like the Taliban.

    Look at the wider picture. This government has introduced Air Passenger Duty, a tax that in the last couple of years has risen some 300% and affects everyone that is either flying out of the UK and anyone that is transiting. A family of four that wishes to travel long haul to the Caribbean can be looking at a APD that will add some £600 in duty, up from £320 last year, to the cost of the holiday. Linked to that is the removal of Tax breaks for holiday home owners that rent out their properties in the UK.

    So what?

    Well, coupled with the governments drive to devalue the pound, this is bordering on the imposition of banning travel outside of the UK for all citizens. The people party not only want you to not be able to afford to travel outside of the country, but then when faced with having to stay here in the UK that you will also be expected to pay higher accommodation fee's as “The Rich” second home owners are now expected to pay higher taxes for the privilege of allowing others to use their properties.

    Maybe when they're sniffing through our mail they'll also be looking to see just who is either planning a public uprising or who is planning on doing a runner for the UK.
  10. Saw one of those documentaries recently, about Customs and Excise sniffer dogs at Heathrow.

    "So what?", you may think. Dogs have been sniffing luggage at airports for years. They search for guns, explosives, drugs etc.

    These dogs were trained to smell money! Anybody trying to leave the UK with a substantial amount of cash was intercepted. If they couldn't prove to the satisfaction of the Customs bods that they'd obtained the money legally, it was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

    Note the onus is on the owner to prove that the cash is theirs. Guilty until proven innocent.
  11. Sums up this corrupt government completely.

    Because they are all a bunch of lying, swindling, self serving thieves they think everyone else is the same as them.
  12. There isn't enough Arbeit around mate........

  13. Yes and then the case goes to court where Customs/UKBA/Police/SOCA have to convince the Magistrates that the money is indeed the proceeds of crime.

    Speaking from experience of doing this sort of work in the past, it was quite surprising how many people never turn up at court.

    "Guilty until proven innocent" - I don't think so.

  14. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    The British are not only suspects,but unless they can prove to the contary,they are consideded GUILTY of being up to something that warrents all sort of snooping by self-appointed jobsworths.

    If you come to command an execution squad,make sure you have an ample supply of piano wire.
  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    How about

    Heute kamerade du gehen nach unsure erste neue conzentrationslager?.