More Sleaze - Was Prescott now Goldsmith !!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DutyCrow, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has admitted having an extra-marital affair with a leading barrister.

    The married father-of-four, a close ally of Tony Blair, said the matter was now "all in the past".

    Kim Hollis, 49, the first Asian female lawyer to become a QC, was identified by the News Of The World as the woman involved.

    In a statement, 57-year-old Lord Goldsmith said: "My wife knows all about this and has done for some time.

    "It is all in the past and we are both very happy.


    "This is a private matter and my wife and I have no further comment to make."

    The Attorney General - the chief legal adviser to the Government - has been married to Joy since 1974 and they have three sons and one daughter.

    Mrs Hollis, who has two sons, is featured as the latest "Lawyer of the Month" on the website of the Black Lawyers Directory.

    She has been involved in a string of serious cases, including violent and sexual crimes, drugs and honour killings, becoming a QC in 2002.

    But her most famous case was the 2001 prosecution of a rubbish collector convicted of handling designer clothes stolen from former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.
  2. :bounce: :applaud: :slow:
    fantastic.... they're all at it... private matter... my faaakin arrse it is... more, more more!
  3. If this was a tory you could here the cries of "sleaze, sleaze" from here but as its the nu cnuts it is obviously a private matter, fcuking hypocrites.

    'The affair, which took place during the row over his advice on the legality of the Iraq war, is understood to have ended two years ago. ...

    However, one source claimed the relationship did seem to have had a negative impact on Goldsmith’s ministerial duties. “He used to disappear off the radar for hours at a time. People just couldn’t get hold of him,” the legal source said.'

    A 'private' matter taking precedence over a very public one?
  5. Tory Sleaze ah now what wuz that.
    Seem ta remember Nue Labour going on about being Squeaky clean compared with the Tories.
    Power corrupts.
  6. Cannot imagine that any personal impropriety could possibly impare his reasoning, deliberation and decision on whether invading a sovereign nation was a legal act. Nor whether to put on trial a gallant officer and some equally brave soldiers carrying out the functions entailed by the aforesaid invasion.
  7. What's wrong with these women always going after fat labour cnuts! It's sickening.
  8. Who shags whom might be a 'private matter' in the hypocritical land of 'New' Labour, but who influences the appointment of QCs and did this lady's appointment pre-date or post-date this 'private matter'?
  9. Rather racist isn't it, only allowing Blacks ? What about Brown, Yellow & White Lawyers ?
  10. You'd think somebody would have banged her up by now for being involved in that lot. Oh somebody did bang her up - Goldsmith :brilsmurf:
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I am surprised that Sven has not been on to give the Neu Arbeit 'spin' on this affair (pun intended!).

    With the way that all gubments seem to go off the track sleaze wise (or are started to be caught doing it, at about the 7-8 year point, maybe we should bring in a time limit on any gubment. 8 years do your bit then out, or if voted back in by the populace then a different 1st XV to take over the running.

    Naive I know, but as the length of time in power increases, so does the belief they they are above all laws, both statutory and moral.
  12. You're right Auld Yin - power corrupts. They start to believe that they are invincible and cease being as careful as they were for the first few years. It isn't a private matter, particularly when the affair occurs in the context of a Government seeking to increasingly manipulate the judiciary.

    As you say, surprising Sven's not on, but maybe it's his day off from Labour Party HQ.
  13. Yet another priapic episode - what were Goldsmith's office hours during all of this if as alleged he was off the radar 'for hours at a time'? Was the taxpayer still paying him for his duties during those periods? :pissedoff:
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think you will find that people in posts like Goldsmith do not work office hours and are contactable virtually 24/7. However, the telling part is 'going off the radar screen for several hours'.

    Mind you, he may just have been trying to explain to himself how he could change his mind about the legality of invading Iraq so that Slimy Tone could do what the Shaved Chimp had told him to do.
  15. Is the is the other half of the story?

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