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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Americans who blindly support them especially need to wake up

  2. They've had their fingers in many pies since the beginning, extortion, protection, taxis etc etc. It's ingrained into the psyche of the people now, I doubt it will change, ever.

    The transition from terrorists to mafia is a smooth one.
  3. No sh1t Sherlock.
  4. Well knock me down with a feather... :roll:
  5. They're treading on Hell's Angels territory. They don't tolerate competition well.
  6. Hells Angels are at least identifiable by their Patches.
  7. And Hells Angels are like a bunch of naive boy scouts doing 'bob-a-job' in comparison to Jerry Adams little helpers.
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    And while we're thinking about it, the UDA/UFF/Red Hand Commando are hardly Satan's Little Helpers
  9. The big motorbikes help too.
  10. Well, well, Flash, you just described the fcuckin' British gobment!

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  11. As a young customs officer the smuggling activities of the IRA always intrigued me. I recall chatting over a beer with a few lads from the Investigation Division who basically stated their understanding that the issue was strictly off-limits from a political perspective. This annoyed the ID somewhat since they could have done something about the smuggling - remember they are the only "law enforcement" body in the UK that does not require a warrant to enter premises... certainly helps on surprise raids :D

    The article reference to "folding companies" also has f all to do with smuggling; more likely Murphy was f*cking around with the VAT man on this.

  12. when they are wearing them
  13. No, not the WW1 flying squad.

    Hells Angels (mc) are nothing like their stereotype. They are a very well organised international crime syndicate. Like Jerry Adams little helpers, only bigger.
  14. You should have been inspecting incoming Aer Lingus flights
  15. Yet more shocking NEWS.

    In a major breakthrough yesterday west midlands CID discover that a massage parlour called 'Cuddles' is really a front for a brothel, congratulations on a outstanding piece of 'detection'. :D

    and before any of the esteemed members who may be of the crime detetcting/defeating profession jump down my throat this is very much tounge in cheek and yes I do realise that it was a very serious incident