More Scum from the City of Pity

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. A gang stabbed a dog to death then slashed its disabled owner with a knife, police have said.

    The 38-year-old woman, who can walk only with crutches, struggled out to her back garden to find the youths attacking her pet Yorkshire terrier, Willow, on Sunday.

    The pet was stabbed to death on the ground and the woman was forced back inside her home at knifepoint, suffering "numerous" lacerations to her body.

    A 13-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of assault and causing cruelty to animals and remains in custody.

    Merseyside Police confirmed that four men - two aged 21, one 19 and the other 24 - have also been arrested over the attack in Knotty Ash, Liverpool. An 18-year-old man arrested on the same charges has been bailed pending further inquiries.

    Detective Inspector Rob Hill said: "This was a particularly vicious attack that resulted in a woman being both physically and verbally assaulted. We are trying to establish the motive for the attack and speaking to as many people as possible in the area to catch the offenders."

    Maybe about time all teenage and young male scousers are locked up "just in case" they committ crime wasn't there a name for this in the past :twisted:
  2. Should lock all those involved in a room with a dozen hungry, p1ssed off Furry Crocodiles... :twisted:
  3. I hope someone is keeping a list of the names of those found guilty of crimes like this. If the glorious revolution begins then that list could provide much justice and satisfaction to those willing to mete out punishments.
  4. Just tell me where I sign up! :twisted: 8)
  5. WW reporting for execution duties, Sir !
  6. I think we might need an outrage Boeing 747 for this.
  7. Surely an Airbus A380 ? Do keep up Flashy.
  8. maybe it was self defense the dog jumped up and tried to eat them and then the woman came out with a machete?
  9. Gentlemen, mob rule and rage is never right..............

    It will just take a couple of us in a calculated operation!
  10. I´m all for stabbing the retarded fcuk pigs to death on the floor with a knife. Just like the poo dog.

    Then letting them be used for training guard dogs.... sans protection.

    Vermin. That´s all they are. Some bleating arrse hole will now declare the scum to be the real victims, because they weren´t hugged enough.
  11. And a fair trial before the sentence is carried out - all credit to Tommy1990 though, he put up a spirited defence.
  12. Did you see the Ross Kemp thing on gangs in Liverpool last night? He met some mongs from Croxteth who obviously thought they were the Sopranos or something and they were telling Ross that Crocky was worse than Afghanistan!!
    How Ross never burst out laughing is beyond me, he deserves another BAFTA just for that.
    Oh, and some bloke called the Devil kept calling him 'Russ'!!
  13. Hey, show sum respekt for de gangstas, innit.
  14. It's becoming harder and harder to understand people these days.
    What bloody pleasure can anyone derive from stabbing a dog to death and then attacking its owner?
    I wonder if they would have been so brave if the dog had been a 16 st snarling rottweiler?
    Come to think of it...why not stick them in a room with a 16st snarling rottweiler while its owner chuckles merrily away at the sight of them bricking it and pleading to call it off.
  15. Thing is, I see most of these idiots and their like at Everton away games, I even stopped wearing my Lowe Alpine hat that kept my ears warm as the 'gangstas' decided it was going to be their caps of choice!