More school equality mongness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. To quote a well known song:

    Just another brick in the wall
  2. Unfortunately there are some headteachers that think this is the right way to be. Our school doesn't allow sweets in lunch boxes but the children do bring sweets/cakes in on their birthdays. We have several kids with different allergies, they all know what they can/cannot have and accept this without causing a fuss.
    Does she honestly think stopping football will stop children getting hurt, do the children in this school never get hurt playing other games, kids will be kids? Grazed knees and hands are par for the course, its a pity she hasn't taken the time to listen to what the parents have to say.
  3. Ah yes.The curse of equality at school sports day.No winners,so no losers!
    "You're all winners in my eyes"
  4. Dont forget no red pens for marking, as it's negative. No 'x's if it's wrong just mark 'well tried' or tried hard.
  5. No birthday cakes sounds fair enough.

    There'll be a stack of issues to land the skool in shtuck over food hygiene, allergies etc, not to mention my cake is bigger than your cake oneupmanship.
    Are you also saying OTT kid's parties and designer trainers are a good thing?

    Plenty of other barking twoddle to get all Daily Mail about though.
  6. It's all bollocks. Johnny the poor kid from the council estate needs to see Billy Rich's fuck off great big birthday cake. He also needs to be embarrassed on 'wear your civvies to school' days about his Gola trainers and no name clothes, and he needs to be pointed at and humiliated if he puts on a bit of weight or comes last in a race. If people feel comfortable at the bottom of the barrel they will never strive to climb out.
  7. Then one of the little over-protected cherubs p*sses on a war memorial when 19 years old ... :evil:
  8. Celebrating any birthday is ageist anyway....

  9. KERCHING!!!! We have a winner!

    Shame the fvcking trendies can't think as clearly as you do. :(
  10. Smart school uniforms and regulation haircuts would solve a lot of problems, I think. Too 'much individuality' and too few boundaries is what's screwed up a lot of todays kids.

    However, the PC balls has to go.

  11. What a load of b0llox!

    Here's a thing, even when schools impose 'all the same' kids uniforms, guess what? The better off parents have always buy/bought better quality clothes for their kids, that allowed us to take the piss out of the kids from the council estate in their Tesco's kit when I was a lad… way of the world, always has been.

    And all this allergy'hygene boll0x?

    I don't recall kids dropping like flies with these bullshite allergies or lurgies when I was a kid! Peanut allergies? FFS!
  12. But they're not real issues. They're issues which have been created by a self-interested, politically correct elite. As for 'my cake is bigger than your cake', it's part of growing up. It's what motivates people to achieve something, which is what school ought to be about.

    Yes. Same reason. See skintboymike's post.

    That seems to have become the standard answer whenever somebody mentions that our pseudo-utopian society might not be functioning correctly.
  13. Good way to give the gene pool a good clean out by the sounds of it.

    Strengthen the breed.

    Some bods known to my family were aghast that our dogs licked our kids when they were babies.... best get used to it I thought, they've got a good few years of this ahead!!

    No lurgies, no skin dropping off or blindness.

    Amazing really :roll:

  14. Indeed, but I was alluding to this lowest common denominator crap that's dumbing down society. Nothing wrong with a standard uniform, and nothing wrong with people buying better quality, uniform either. The mong head teacher at my grand daughters school has tried to insist that school uniform is only bought from Skoolkit so all the kids look the same and the poor kids don't feel left out… now that's stupid boll0x, they're poor, get over it, the better off kids being dropped off in Volvo XC90's tends to give the game away anyway.