More Russian Army woes

msr said:

A military court in Russia has sentenced a senior officer serving in the country's elite missile forces for hiring out his troops as slave labour.

... and the punishment was almost symbolic. There are many similar cases in Russian army but too few of them go to the court. I think that this particular case reached the court namely because it happened in missile forces.

In many case both sides (conscripts and officers) are happy. Instead of hard military service and discipline soldiers work (however almost without salary), have ability to drink, to meet with girls and so on. Officers receive money (their salaries are too low).

Btw, my brother is lt.col in ... missile forces. There are no such cases in his regiment. The salary of my brother is low, about 400 pounds per month. In his free time he repairs cars. He bought several years ago almost ruined Opel-Vectra and restored it. The car is in a very good state now.

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