More revisionist nonsense : " New " book on the Great Escape

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by velcrostripes, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. The not so Great Escape: It's seen as the epitome of British heroism thanks to THAT film. But a new book says it was a futile suicide mission - driven by one man's towering ego | Mail Online

    " New book says escape was a futile suicide mission driven by Roger Bushells towering ego "

    My father was in Stalag Luft III for 4 years .According to him , everyone in the camp idolised Roger Bushell , including the half of the camp not involved in escapes .
    This bloke Walters forgets a number of things .
    All the participants and helpers , over 300 in all , were willing volunteers . This whole escape took years , people had plenty of time to reconsider and the escape was oversubscribed .Applicants had to have helped in the preparation and the least likely candidates ( eg non German speakers ) were chosen by drawing lots as they had so many willing to go .
    These were young men in the prime of their lives , locked up half starved in a depressing pine forest with no idea if or when they would ever be released so they were prepared to do anything to get out , even knowing that most would get caught
    The recently captured had already told them about lynchings .
    These were blokes who had bailed out of burning aeroplanes who had already seen many of their friends and colleague on their squadrons killed or missing .They weren't exactly risk averse .
    The aim was to continue the war by other means , not just an attempt to get people home . Everyone knew and accepted that .
    He concludes by saying that 50 lives were too high a price to pay .
    The raid on Berlin that night that caused the lights to go out in the tunnel cost more than 50 lives , as did just about every RAF bombing raid of the war .
    Maybe Walters forgets that 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew were killed between 1939-45 , and that most of those raids could be considered futile suicide missions .
    Rant over .
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  2. Fits PC chip......

    I've always been uncomfortable with the vaulting horse tunnel, I mean impressionable young people could misread it and go on to misuse horses in general!

    The other area of concern is the lack of gay heroes, I mean we are talking largely about RAF officers, where are the gay role models? What relationships did they forge with gay SS men?

    The idea of men, RAF men at that, sweating underground in confined spaces, without them polishing the odd sherrif's badge, defies belief!

    ....removes PC chip.
  3. In his next installment , Mr Walters alleges racism because no West Indian or Indian officers were involved in the escape
    and Roger Bushell was South African .
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  4. The guys in PoW camps were combatants in a total war. They'd all proved already that they were wiling to sacrifice their life for the war effort.

    Escaping wasn't simply about personal salvation, and a realistic chance of making it home safe. Escaping was about carrying on the fight. It was about not accepting defeat. Emotionally, it meant replacing the despair of being imprisoned, a loser, with just the slimmest hope of victory. And remember - for the first half of that war, the whole of Britain had only a very slim chance of avoiding German invasion and subjugation.

    Pragmatically, escaping meant tying up enemy troops and resources in the effort to hunt for you - which reduced the resources away from the front line threat to their families back in the UK.
  5. The thing that has always struck me as odd about the event is the idea that a mass escape would succeed in anything other than rapid recapture. It isn't that recapture would occur (given the odds against successful escapes) but that it would happen so swiftly as to negate any meaningful disruptive effect.
  6. It may be that by springing 200 they thought they had safety in numbers in that the Germans would round up the ones on foot etc , whilst the Premier division , the german speakers and blokes from the occupied countries with good forged documents got away by train. From a retaliation point of view , you can make a few disappear " shot whilst trying to escape " but not 200 , or so they thought .
    Even the Luftwaffe were aghast when the 50 were shot .By 1944 we were holding more German prisoners than they were holding of ours , but Hitler , the High Command and the SS couldn't give a shit about any retaliation against them .
  7. Couldn't give a shit or thought that we wouldn't just shoot prisoners for shits and giggles?
  8. As the OP said, just more revisionist rubbish spouted by someone who wouldn't even register on the national awareness index if they didn't spout idiotic nonsense.

    On another track, wasn't the execution of the escapees the reason for Gorings's conviction at the Nuremburg war crimes trial?
  9. "Driven by one man's towering ego". I assume that's a critic's view of the book.
  10. "Ego you say? Moi?"

  11. Read all about it, Baders labrador was a persecuted dog, coz he was black!
  12. Well, even if you regard the area bombing of German cities as a futile waste of lives there's no denying that a chap overhead in a Lancaster bomber is probably a good deal more disruptive than one hiding in a ditch dressed as a cleric.

    Plenty of people who where far better placed to "continue the war by other means" died attempting to get downed air crew home and it was so they could once again dump bomb loads on the Boche.

    It is perhaps not unfair to assess Bushells suicidally heroic escape with a cold eye on its relative effectiveness.
  13. And the poor downtrodden hound was named "N....r" FFS!!! :rage:
  14. No that was Guy Gibson's dog. A man who, as well as showing a disgusting racist attitude in naming his dog so, also took part in the revolting sexist 'Dambusters raid' where a group of young men (no womankind) rode in massive black penis substitutes as they thrust deep into Germany, where they flung their massive balls against hymen-like dams, breaking through them and causing water to ejaculate over millions of German Sisters. The beasts.
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  15. No . Goering's treatment of Air Force prisoners was actually quite benign compared to the treatment of Army and Naval prisoners by their Werhmacht guards . Goering is on record as having argued vehemently with Hitler against the retaliation.