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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Glad_its_all_over, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. So we've got UK Abn Forces of the 80s, GW1, all sorts of other caggage...

    What's missing? I'll tell you what's missing, the NI Troubles Re-Enactment Group.

    Think of the fun we could all have dressing up in early 70s "carry the SLR in a number of amusing postures" Mk1 DPM jackets and OGs, or the Magic Mushroom look of the 90s, of the amusing urban patrols, riot control drills, "unfurling the banner" a la 1969, of the covert stuff, with green snorkel parkas and dodgy bright yellow Bedford RLs with red wheels...

    And that's just part of the security forces. Throw in the RUC and the UDR and then the heady broth of freedom fighters of one sort or another. The possibilities are endless and the scope for unbridled Waltery unlimited.
  2. Don't joke about it. Someday,...... somebody,.......sooner or later,....
    (but ain't going to be me)
    Mind you, if any of your boys have got any of that kit lying around I know where you'll be able to sell it at a vastly inflated price.
    Actually I've got a load of old '58 kicking around somewhere, I did hear of a Falklands reenactment group being set up somewhere.......
  3. got a catholic school next door to me could always throw stones as the parents arrive in landcruisers :roll:
    just need some arts council funding for murals :twisted:
    got a whole performance art thing going 8O
  4. Could we have sideburns down to the jaw line and dodgy mexican type moustaches?
  5. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does it mean that we will have to pack 200-300 bods into a broken down old mill and only leave in fours at the severe trot?
  6. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    You will have to issue the locals with tin dustbin lids as all the ones issued by councils now are plastic. No good for banging on the road.
  7. there was that barking reenactment of the "battle of ograve" in the miners strike. :roll:
    so why not live on a fairly crap estate in brighton. there a few local chavs who could get shot "while going to get a bag of chips" :twisted:
    baggys I get to play the dadgy yank who gets given millions to build crap cars and hightails it back to spamland with a load of coke :twisted:
  8. Please, just stop. You're only encouraging them. Just look above to see how excited Walther is getting.
  9. we could have the Bloody sunday reenactment group, im sure Gerry and co would love it. bagsy i be a para
  10. Well, the Rock (who should be well-known by you :) ) is still serving, you could get him along for the authentic "old Army" feel 8)

    Just in case you're worrying, I know "The Rock" concerned reasonably well, get along well with him, and think he's a truly sound bloke.
  11. Actually not. This is still much to recent and political. I´ve lived in Ireland for several years (down in the Republic), and through both my Irish colleagues and sharing a house with ex British servicemen, I´ve heard about the whole thing from both sides, and from neutrals as well.
    Also, you guys (as well as e.g. the US Vietnam vets) are still very capable to express your own view. This is not possible for earlier periods, because the vets and civilians from this time are rapidly passing away. One time period I still could think to set something up about is the Korean War, because it is almost forgotten that this war ever happened, but i would leave my fingers off anything later (I might collect later uniforms and equipment, but I wouldn´t wear it).

  12. Actually I belong to a NI Re-enactment group

    We do displays at Fairs and Shows, our display is generally a re-created Sanger and road scene and the re-enactors take turns in the sanger banging one out whilst Catholic School Girl re-enactors walk past in thier uniforms. Once in a while someone gets to drive through the checkpoint and we spend the next 2 hours disembling his car and wiping our muddy boots on his upholstery. All the time this is happening, the Driver re-enactor is repeatibly asked if he knows of any terrorist activities and if he can spell his name whilst the other re-enactors take it in turns to Charlie One the wife to grab a view of her tits.

    To wrap the show up we usually re-enact a classic NI scene where half the VCP shoot a speeding joyrider whilst the rest are getting re-enacted knee tremblers off the schoolgirls.

    We then go down the pub for a flagon of ale and talk about the inaccuracy of the swear words written on Jonesy helmet cover
  13. i belong to a site guard re enactment group. we do feck all............

    Well bang the odd one out :lol:

    But keep it quiet :oops:
  14. Walther,
    I really and getting pig sick... Ah, you know what? Fcuk it, just fcuk it.
  15. I've got an old pair of flairs from the 70's that would suit a NI riot reenactment. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they don't fit me anymore, seem to have shrunk considerably.

    I occassionally reenact a 4 O'clock knock when I get home absolutely banjaxed and can't find my key.

    In the food chain enactors look up to train spotters. Walts the lot of them.