More "Redcap" coverage in the Telegraph

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 25, 2004.

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  2. So after learning that important intelligence was not passed down to an RMP patrol, then that patrol was brutally murdered and after an inquiry that cost the taxpayer god-knows-how-many millions, nobody was to blame! 8O

    Then on top of that, we learn that this vital information was not passed onto the families or used in the inquiry!

    What planet are these arrseholes on? Another fecking whitewash! How many paid lackeys has TBliar put into positions of power? :evil:
  3. I have read the report and what is missing from all of this is the fact that the RMP were supposed to turn up to the morning briefs but rarely did!!! They had access to the irridium phones but rarely bothered to sign them out!!!

    You can turn anything to your own advantage if you only pick the facts that conform to your theory.
  4. Are you a spin doctor?
  5. I can see short-fuse's point, but it doesnt make it any easier to take!!

    they should still be alive. :cry:

    agent smith
  6. The actual Board made numerous recommendations - all very reasonable and, one assumes, beneficial in the eyes of Board members. However, the Review authority pished on most of these. Why this conflict if for some good reason?
  7. In that case their COY OC, 2 i/c, RSM, Platoon Commander and platoon staff sergeant should be sacked for failing to do their jobs properly.
  8. I'm definitely not a Spin Doctor, I hate the B*stards.

    I agree that there was something lacking amongst the RMP Hierarchy. However the RMP Coy had already gone home and there was just a Tp left. I think you find that the Tp SSgt may be one of the guys tragically killed. As for the Tp Comd, he has in the opinion of the board done nothing criminal, however they did suggest that Administative action may well be taken against individuals in the CoC (which could mean sacking under AGAI 67). It also highlighted the lack of training of RMP personnel in war-fighting ops (the point on extra inf trg was not accepted but the agreed that the RMP Tp Comds cse was lacking in comd training and concerntrated too much on Police procedures).

    I accept that there were mistakes made but the idea of some sort of conspiracy and coverup is far fetched. I know GOC 1 Div (who instigated the board) personnally and he is some one who would never allow any such a cover up to happen. The incident was terrible and one that units who provide small specialist teams to larger formations (like my own) could learn a great deal from.
  9. Sadly I think this comes down to a senior officer trying to cover his arrse.

    Comms for operations are distributed to all. The impression one gets is that the CO/OC received them but this interupted their dinner and thought it an inconvenience, any squad commander expects information on time and acurate