More Realistic Weapon Qualification For The US Army

Dog-faced-soldier said:
Virgil said:
ctauch said:
Virgil said:
I saw the soldier's reactions after the deaths in that series. After all the media stories and some savage posts on Arrse I was shocked to see they weren't angry at the US Air Force at all.
Says a whole big bunch about you.
Fixed it for you.

Yeah, that's what I get for believing what arrse posters think.
As opposed to forming a logical opinion of your own!

There are times when Blue on Blue is clearly due to negligence or stupidity. At such times anger is appropriate. Other times it is genuine "fog of war" and it is important to realise and accept that "s*** happens".
What does my believing what a poster or posters state that they believe have to do with my own opinion--which I haven't shared--of friendly fire?

I was merely stating that it seemed on Arrse and in excerpts to articles in papers with as divergent an opinion from the Times to the Guardian critical of US pilots that the trend seemed to blame the USAF.

I assumed that many if not most of the posters on Arrse are/were in the British army or closely connected to it that their views might be representative. How difficult is that to comprehend? Very, apparently.

S*** does happen, I've seen it from my time in Iraq in both Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm.

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