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From Defenceweb:

British Forces fly ration packs and water into Pakistan

Over 23,000 ration packs have been sent to Pakistan as part of the UK's wider earthquake relief effort, Defence Secretary John Reid announced on 17 October 2005.
Yesterday a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules transported 3,150 Halal operational ration packs and bottled water from the British Forces in Afghanistan to Islamabad. A further 19,950 vegetarian ration packs will be dispatched from Defence stores at Bicester today for transportation to Ramstein, Germany and onward by NATO airlift to Pakistan. All of the ration packs and water will be provided to the World Food Programme for distribution.
An RAF C-17 is also expected to deliver two Puma helicopters to Islamabad from Seville, Spain later today. The civilian helicopters will be used by the International Committee of the Red Cross for medical evacuations and the transport of relief supplies in Pakistan administered Kashmir.
Secretary of State for Defence, John Reid said:
"I am pleased that UK Defence can play its part in the international relief effort to Pakistan by sending supplies and providing airlift. The Ministry of Defence is in close consultation with DfID about further possible UK military assistance and stands ready to provide additional help if required."
The Department for International Development (DfID) is coordinating the UK Government's response to the disaster.
It has committed £13 million in assistance including search and rescue teams, blankets, tents, tarpaulins and other aid.
The RAF has a further four C130 aircraft on 48 hours standby at RAF Lyneham to assist in the aid operations.

Are these the ones that the yanks didn't want?

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