More RAF naughties

From today's currant.

AN RAF spy plane boss was kicked out of his command post yesterday over an illicit fling with one of his deputies.

Wing Commander Mark Jeffrey, 43, head of top secret 8 Squadron, was grounded and banned from flying spy-in-the-sky missions.

Squadron Leader Tina Jobling, 37, was also suspended from RAF Waddington, Lincs.

I wonder if her nickname is "Blow"? :lol:
The usual risibly inaccurate reporting from Rebekah's grubby rag.

Presumably both oficers will soon be back, having left their posts with their integrity intact. Or does that only apply to Neue Arbeit politicians caught having 'illicit flings', being involved in dodgy financial deals etc?
Well at least the "deputy" is a "Tina", or is Tina one of them that was "Tom" last month?
Sorry MH,

This time they hae got it right, I suppose they had to by the law of probabilities. They were even actually doing it and given 24hrs to get off the station. Pity as he was a good boss.


That is 'Top Secret' in a similar way to Borden being described as an 'Elite Unit' in a similar article recently quoted on another thread on the Int Cell pages

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