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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by phonetrader1221, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I have two questions which I need some answers to.

    I want to go to Welbeck College but instead of going to University will I be able to do an in-service degree?

    Also, this may sound like a stupid question but what do officers actually do? I know they lead soldiers but do they just sit in an office or are they outside?

    Thanks in advance
  2. You can do a degree and it will be semi-funded. But you have to do it in your own time, the army isn't paying for you to get a degree.
    Most infantry officers will be serving "in the field" until probaly Major, unless you are marked for fast track career. Smarty pants officers. That being said all officers have to do their fair share of paper work, it aint all Rambo.
  3. None of that is quite right.

    The army does still fund in service bachelors degrees, although the majority are for soldiers who have commissioned into one if the technical corps. The army also fully funds some (predominantly technical) masters degrees, although funding for the previously most popular 'modular masters programme' which followed on from ICSC(L) has been taken away. I believe that some Int Corps officers also get selected to study at masters level and above in non-technical subjects.

    It would be most unusual for an officer (infantry or otherwise) to spend all of his time up to Major at RD ("in the field" as you put it). The vast majority will do at least one SO3 (staff) job and many (most in the infantry) will work at a training regiment and do jobs in BGHQ (both still technically RD appointments, but not what you mean by "in the field".

    Bottom line in terms of getting your first degree funded (or at least part funded): your best bet is probably a bursary. I believe that if you get one, the army picks up the tuition fees, although you can check this with the AFCO staff and probably online. Be under no illusions though, getting a bursary is going to be very competitive.