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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by KleenUpGuy, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Sorry is this is the wrong place to post this but it falls between a few.
    I know that I definitely want to be a Officer in the Armed forces in a (specialised/elite?) Infantry role. I am currently stuck between Paras and Marines, the advantages I see for Paras are that you do your course at Sandhurst (The RM website made out that you just visit Sandhurst during RMO training), You get to parachute jumps (I love this idea) and you are still part of the army (then are generally easier to contact/deal with and have better benefits from what I can figure. But then the advantages of joining the RM such as being able to go into multiple rolls later in my career (not sure a Para officer can become a pilot? Or is it possible to transfer to the AAC?), training in multiple insertion methods (abseiling, mountaineering, and by sea), but a disadvantage i see of the RM is that I heard most get deployed to support the RN rather than out on ops in places such as Afghanistan.
    Can anyone correct any of my points or give opinions or advice to help me make this decision? I find myself drifting between the two on a daily basis and would like to get some other opinions/experiences.
  2. I'd suggest that you go talk to an AFCO / ACA, get a familiarisation visit to places sorted out, go along, see which you think you want to join.

    Also, if you want to join the infantry, then basing your decision off whether or not you'll be able to transfer to the AAC 10 years down the road seems a bit silly, tbh. If your interest is flying, then join the AAC outright. Innit.

    p.s. - I have no military experience.
  3. First reply is :roll:

    But assuming this isn't a wind-up then you need to sort your research out. For example:

    Oh dear me. Amazingly enough the Royal Marines have entered the internet age, if you fancy a career with them at least five minutes on their website is strongly advised. Even if your quote was true seeing as the government want shot of Afghanistan by 2015 your chances of going there at all could be a little slim given your age anyway.

    Read around for yourself rather than relying on hearsay and gossip, speak to the careers advisers and make an informed decision. Banging on about multiple insertion methods, parachutes and being a pilot betrays a slight lack of maturity and conviction about what you want from life.
  4. Thankyou for the answer :) I'm planning on going down to the office after training and Saturday to get on the look at life course with the marines, my school careers advisor is sorting me with the para and officer courses. Sorry about my seeming lack of maturity but along my serious reasons for joining the army comes the fun/immature reasons, I want a fun and exciting job where I get outside and do stuff (this is just the 'immature' reason) I have been on the RM website and I found few bits of information hard to clarify, such as the Sandhurst bit. When I mentioned Afghanistan I couldn't think of a sensible way of putting land operations, I don't fancy spending all my time on a boat (I definite reason against the marines) but I do like the go anywhere attitude of the commandos. I originally had two reasons for wanting to be a pilot, the first being I love the idea of flying and the second i have a obvious career path after leaving, but after further research I have come to realize these arguments aren't that strong, the little crazy urge inside me can be satisfied with being paramilitary and the idea of a career after the military is also abit shallow, as a officer can be a lifelong career in itself? I would also like to add that it is not just me some COD thrill seeker that makes me want to be in the Parachute Regiment but the bloke I look up to most in the world is my detachment commander at cadets, he is ex Para and an amazing guy, and I believe the general ethos/attitude of the paras is suited to me.
    Sorry if I often sound shallow but I am trying to be honest about my incentives.
  5. My other comment answers most of what you just said. I do understand now (relatively) the rolls of an officer and hope to learn more on the upcoming look at life courses. (read prev comment)
  6. Captain Obvious saves the greater superheroes from the indignity of pointing out that if the asteroid hits, the city will be destroyed.
  7. I actually thought that when I put it. And thanks for the kind words.