More proposed cuts to scotish units

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortarms, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. They'll just go back to Fiji won't they?

    Or to the RLC.
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  2. Anyone mentioned that they can join other units? If they were the only two units being cut, I could understand, but they aint'. Anyway, this is the NAAFI, so if you're a chippy fuck, or a hat twat, you're a target!
    Join the Guards or the Para's and know you'll withstand the next 100 years of cuts!
  3. There are another 3 or 4 Inf Bns due for the chop. i'd imagine what will really happen is that most of the man power in 5 will move to 1 - 4, the 5 folds. A bit like what will happen to (if rumour is to be believed) 5 Rifles and 3 Mercian. Not heard of the SDGs going... I thought the cav and RTR were just shrinking their Regiments.
  4. Scottish.
  5. I did hear that the Guards incremental companies where being offered up for the chop to save the rest of the battalions.
  6. Can they not just form a regiment and attach a coy strength onto each infantry battalion- No1 Company, 5 (Scottish) Battalion, The Royal Fiji Rifles (V)
  7. how may people in all the regular Royal Regt of Scotland Bn's are actual jocks? same for the Scots DG?

    as for the Lowland Gunners being cut is that actually a scottish unit or just a name tha the RA unit uses?
  8. I doubt it - But the incremental companies are classed as a 2nd Battalion, but usually I think the 1st Battallion has one less ocmpany to make up for it. So they have the same number of companies as a regular battallion, but split over 2 units.
    Britain's most famous regiments spared in defence cuts - Telegraph
  9. Anyone got a blank PPP I can have?

    Are they just going to chop units in Germany to save housing them in the UK? :) Are we going to rock up on a Monday morning parade and just be met with a pile of MFO boxes and a rail warrant to the local Job Centre?
  10. Nope.

    1st Bns are full sized, the 'Incrementals' coninue the traditions of the 2nd Bns of the Grens, Coldstreams and Scots, but also have Irish and Welsh mixed in.

    IIRC a Coy in the Grens carries on the traditions fo the 3rd Grens and still holds the colours.

    The Coldstreams have a number of extra 'companies' on strength. Because even their RHQ carries a coy title. (No 15 i think).

    But the guards div is still on ly 5 reg bns, 3 incremental coys and a ta bn.
  11. The RA used to, not sure if they still do, post blokes to units based on their area of recruitment.

    THe Lowland Gunners hd a lot of scots but also others. They had pipes and drums and a strong 'Scottish' thing running throughout the Regiment.