More Propaganda.......

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    Like it!

    Zat the standard stencil for GWII vehicles?

    Should be! [​IMG]
  2. Ja Adler mein Freund...

    Just like Afrika :)

    Actually, the original Afrika logo , came from the soft drink "Afri-Cola" so I'm informed.

    Would have liked to have made the arrse logo bigger, but then again, if you're close to a wagon, you'll see it

    Mind you, do you think i should do it in white, cos that'll stand out better against Green/Black Camo? - lol
  3. Bad CO

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    How about this....
  4. Outrageously outstanding

    Now all we need, is a load of photos from the guys (when they get a spare moment) to see what they've arrse-zapped
  5. "Outstanding Red Team, oustanding!....get you a case o' beer fer that one............." ;D
  6. woopert

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    Who runs that site? Fantastic!
  7. Most outstanding work of Propoganda

    I think that takes the prize so far

    Now get the link spread :)
  8. I may not have got ARRSE in foot high letters on my wagon but I did manage to quote it and reference it in an essay for my Postgrad Cert of Education.
  9. I'm sure I saw Warriors in the Gulf wearing variations of the arrse theme

    Fairly sure I saw Lardarrse on one outside Basra.....

    And any mention is a good mention F2B ...... Cheers muchly  ;D
  10. Anytime you can send some to me inbox for the Coy. newsletter Boss........  ;D
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    My mystery source has also submitted these:

  12. Respect  ;D ;D ;D

    Top Arrse photos
  13. another shameless use of innocent Iraqi Civilians.........Excellent Photos ;D

    I wonder how many spams have visited after reading the sign for Basrah international!