More proof that the UK has become unhinged

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Ravers

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    I fully agree, not because if the over zealous policing, I'm more concerned about the fact that people buy this shit newspaper.

    We all know the Mail is shocking, but I've never seen it contradict itself in the same article before:

    And further down the page:

    So is he 44 or 45?

    Personally I'd be inclined to believe the old bill.
  2. Whilst I do not know the facts of this case, nor am I interested in them. It is right to say that we will only start to tackle this country's massive re-offending rate when we realise that 'Prison Doesn't Work' and seek to constructively tackle the problem of offending. Whilst it appears (and in many ways is) a soft leftie solution to an often emotive problem, success in Scandinavia shows that a rehabilitative approach to all but the most serious of offending produces better results then simply throwing someone in a Victorian era shit hole.

    A right wing prison centric response to crime has not worked in the last 100 years and has simply created a hardcore of offenders - especially for acquisitive crime - for whom prison is a part of life which 'comes with the territory'.

    Couple that with our bursting at the seams prisons, I think that you'll start to see a lot more people let of with seemingly light sentences. Much to the chagrin of Mail readers up and down the country.
  3. It's not possible to rehabilitate psychopaths and sociopaths.
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  4. That isn't true though is it, it's not possible to 'cure' psychopathic/sociopathic personality traits, but it certainly is possible to prevent these individuals from offending. Such personality traits are present in a large proportion of the non-offending population. In fact, a number of studies have found that those at the heads of industry/banking/government present with these tendencies. It is not the case that all offenders with psychopathic personality traits are incapable of rehabilitation.

    In any case, even if you do lock up psychopaths, they will eventually have to be released and all you will have achieved by incarceration is the exacerbation of their condition and the creation - as the stats show - of a more prolific and capable offender. Surely it makes more sense to treat these individuals and attempt to stop the offending.

    I am not for a moment suggesting that all offenders are good people who have gone wrong - there is certainly a proportion of offenders for whom rehabilitation is not possible. Equally, it is not accurate to slate a group of offenders together and say that there is no hope of rehabilitation - or the possibility of a future which does not involve offending.

    It is often said that prisons are full of the mad, the bad and the sad in equal measure.
  5. Or twats - Thats 90 percent of the prison population covered. The rest u can send on safaris an shit if thats what gives you a left wing knee wobbler
  6. So don't try. Use rehabilitation on the massively-greater proportion of criminals who are neither.
  7. Prison doesn't work because prison regimes are governed by politicians who have to abide by human rights laws which impact on any austere management of offenders, be they sexual, criminal or political.

    If human rights law was enhanced by human responsibilities laws (these are your responsibilities as a citizen and unless you fulfil them you do not qualify for human rights) then management of those offenders who are incarcerated to protect the public and as punishment for their offending can never be successful.

    There are loads of ways programmes in prison can be made to work and could/should be included in an individuals' sentencing e.g.

    • Your offending is due in part to you being illiterate leading to little chance of gainful employment; therefore you are sentenced to 2 years jail which will be extended by X years if you do not pass state literacy and numeracy tests within that time.
    • You are now a convicted sex offender and are therefore sentenced to X years; should you fail to successfully complete a programme tailored to your offence(s) within that time and gain a recommendation for release by prison authorities your sentence will be extended by X years.
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  8. Cancerous oaf.
  9. Alternatively, the Chinese method of administering a small, 9mm hole to the centre of the forehead had a GUARANTEED 100% success rate in preventing re-offending.
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  10. Talking shit on facebook and twatter should be dealt with the same way as getting outraged about what some random pratt has said on the same

    Ie ignore.
  11. Your concern is deeply touching. You shouldn't worry too much though. I'll get by somehow.:biggrin:
  12. You are sentenced to prison, not a life of luxury, take away the TV's and worldly luxury's, well least until a re-introduction phase of the sentence is completed, if they are on a 6 mth'r then poke it all, they can catch up on Eastenders in 1 day like everone else
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  13. I knew this country was fucked years ago, why has it taken you lot so long to find out?
  14. I just love the insults on this site. Whatever happened to the days where we just called someone a ****?
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