More proof Brown was the worst PM in history

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    bloody hell - thats like the class spacker at school calling YOU a mong.

    and worst of all, everyone agreeing with him. :(
  2. I hate Brown as much as any other sentient being would, but it's not the place of retards in the Whitehouse to dictate which retard sits in Downing Street - that's our job.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    yes, but we didnt get any choice with the drooling jockanese idiot now, did we?
  4. Yes I get offended when I hear about the Yanks or any other foreign government decides that they know who should be our Prime Minister but............... (my bold)................? Credit where it is due.
  5. The country voted for his Party of *insert expletives* so under our constitutional system there was nothing wrong in Brown's ascension to the role of Dear Leader. It was wrong in a "but he's stark raving mad!" kind of way, but then drooling idiocy has never been a bar to high office in the UK, has it? More the opposite in fact.
  6. More like some very bright people on the Whitehouse staff advising George W ( who incidently was the first US President to hold a Masters degree IIRC - from Havard no less, so rather well qualified as Havard doesn't compromise).

    Brown has a PhD, so academically well placed as well.

    I'd hazard a guess that the "very bright" people on the staff of the Whitehouse came to the conclusion that Brown was just incapable of being PM, that is to say, balancing a whole lotta balls in the air at once. Lock him in a room with a few books - fine, ....... just keep him away from people. I'd also wager that the Whitehouse knew more about Brown's accute medical problems than his wife did !

    So, an untried monocular ( phyiscally and policywise) morose loner, with an aversion to people, prone to temper tantrums, unable to take responsibility for anything and a serious mental health problem - do you share G2 with him or let him near the big red Trident button ???

    What would you advise the President??
  7. It's still not your business Mr Pres, keep your feckin' nose out of it....................?
  8. You are absolutely correct S_J. However there was something awfull about the way Brown came to be P.M. Absolutely no competition at all, it had the taint of "its my turn now".
  9. Perhaps some of the lucrative"consultancies" Blair received from American corporations was for allowing who the next Prime Minister was going to be be dictated by Bush.
  10. A bit of a moot point really. We don't need any more proof that the idiot Broon was the worst ever PM we've ever had, an unelected PM at that. There is no end of proof.

    Sometimes proof is not enough though. There are still some people out there professing that he was a good Chancellor of the Exchequer, despite the fact that he sold off the UK's gold reserve at the lowest gold price in decades and threw money we didn't have at anything that looked like it could be a problem. If that's your idea of good finances, you should never be given a country to run.
  11. "The taint of"? It was a case of "it's my turn now". Some Labour politicians said they weren't going to stand because that was what Blair wanted and Brown expected. They were not going to stand against someone with his temper, because if he did get the top job, anyone who stood against him was going to be at the end of their political career. He certainly instilled fear in the party, which is how a dictator holds his power.
  12. Sounds about right. I know that there is no need for a general election for a governing party to change P.M. But for the party membership to not get a choice seemed very wrong.
  13. Quite so. Brown has always been unfit for high office.

    His PhD? Many people still think he is an Economist but he is a Political Historian, hence "The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918–29" leading to a PhD awarded 10 years after he graduated and following a stint as a lecturer in Poltics and wanking away on Scottish Television.

    In short a morose Scot displaying classic Asbergers symptoms best suited to being locked away in an Academic environment pumping out papers on micro issues that nobody cares about let alone reads. Instead we ended up with him first as the worst and most deceptive Chancellor in living memory and then as the worst and most deceptive PM in living memory all thanks to the individual and collective stupidity/cowardice of the Labour party.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    **runs sweepstake on when Ashie and Whet surface to explain why we're all wrong and how history will actually mark him as the greatest political genius ever**