More pressure as troops resign.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, May 30, 2008.

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  1. This means that our manning level has gone down, so expect cuts to bring us closer to 100% again.
  2. Treat the troops like sh1t and then show concern when they vote with their feet.

    What a surprise.
  3. Interesting piece in the Telegraph. If anyone is looking for the full figures, the MOD press release and a link to DASA is on the BAFF website .
  4. I wonder how many would have stayed if they had good homes to live in and were paid that little bit more.
  5. Nooo, not cuts, but amalgamations/rationalisation of resources/staffing reviews. Some people may be expected to take on 'extra responsibilities', but there will be no cuts and no understaffing....
  6. Many soldiers can get by comfortably on what they earn, but because of let downs in other areas, such as family's welfare and housing, they choose to leave. If a soldier can earn more in civvy street (which is often the case these days) and simultaneously improve his quality of life and status as a human being, what possible arguments could be raised against him wanting to leave?
  7. ...what they said....

  8. If you were to take into account all those poor souls that are injured and on long term sick and rehabilitaion due to over stretch and prolonged time spent on Ops and or training for Ops then you may have a different picture altogether
  9. :omfg: Blasphemer! You'll be tracked down and shot for that!
  10. Seems a high percentage, even allowing for those who are unsuited to the life. Be interesting to know at what stage they are dropping out. :?
  11. I really am tired of the spin coming out of MoD. Defence should be immune to it (Hah! I'm living in a dream world.) if only out of respect for those fighting and dying in the service of their country.

    So 1,000 people left. That's ok says MoD, 1,800 people have joined as recruits.

    Only problem is that the "failure" (sorry, I meant "deffered success") rate of new recruits is something about 35%. So that leaves 1170 new soldiers to replace 1,000 fit (because you are not normally allowed to leave the Army with outstanding medical issues), experienced (because after 4 years service even the most junior soldier will have at least 1 op tour) solider. So that's ok then: 1170 new boys are easily a match for the 1,000 experienced soldiers who have just quit, especially the Cpls, Sgts, Capts and Majors. Of course.

    Now please don't mention the several thousand soldiers who are unfit for operations because they are injured and recovering from some (normally service related) injury. Please don't, because then it makes the figures look really fűcking bad, and you go from a 3% disparity in requirements vs reality to nearer 10-12%.
  12. HMG and MOD make me soooo maaaaad!! AAGGGHGHHH!! :twisted: :( :twisted: :x :( :twisted: AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!
  13. I look at the situation through ex REME eyes and dont recon that the average squaddy thinks of reasons to leave, Ie more pay, comfort, stability in civvy street.
    What the guys are thinking is "Why Stay"

    No Apreciation or Respect
    No Tradition because of amalgamations
    No Motivation through second rate equipment
    No Promotion because always in theatre and courses unavailable
    But the one that hurts is an Government and MOD that is corrupt, incompetent and untruthfull