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What's the protocol for saluting when ones right arm is busted?
Also to settle an argument when is a left handed salute permissible?.
Cheers troops.


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I always thought that if you were unable to salute with your right hand, then you were to simply brace up.
I thought it was left hand if you couldn't use the right for some reason. Mists of time etc.
Back when I was going through Ph2 at Blandford in the late 90s, we had the world's oldest lancejack (known as 'Geordie' (to those who knew him)) as an armourer who had a completely U/S right arm (accident of some sort). When saluting an officer, he would simply grab the requisite limb with his left hand and throw it out-and-around in a kind of waving/windmill effect.

No bugger ever complained.

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