More Positive Muslim News (For Some)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. A Muslim lass has won the Miss England title.

    Miss England

    Of course not everyone approves, including me. I think her (Muslim) rival is the real babe.


    Watch this get moved to the NAAFI.
  2. "First Muslim Miss England crowned"

    What a load of PC b*llocks.

    How did Blair and his lickspittles put undue influence on the Judges to get this result ? She's not even English FFS.
  3. All joking aside, these girls and their familys are the kind of Muslims who get the best out of coming here they integrate and become part of our culture,

    Good on them and well done for setting an example.

    That twat who says it is "unlawful" needs to leave the country sharpish
  4. Good on her , you go girl. Then again , she's an Uzbek muslim , and probably enjoys the row :twisted:

    If the "Islamic institutes" religous schools and the rest of them don't like it , don't watch it.

    I agree with seadog though , the med rep is a bit of a babe. I see she's told them to ram it too lololol.
  5. At the risk of sounding unpolitically correct…

    She wasn’t born in the UK and she doesn’t come from an English family (whichever way you want to define an English family), so how can she even be eligible to be called Miss England???
  6. Because she's naturalised? Because she's decided to take part in a competition for Miss England, because she now regards herself as English? Good for her.
  7. Twenty four minutes for you to respond to a topic about about exotic good looking women?
    Something must be wrong 8O
    . :wink:
  8. good drills piss of the mullah types
    and cunning plan to snaffle the miss world cup by having an oriential looking bint :)
  9. Did Anyone notice that the winner is still at school!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O 8O 8O 8O

    She is about to sit her A levels 8O :twisted:
  10. You're right! She should have presented her blood history to prove that she's Judenrein!

    This use of non-ethnically English people to represent England has got to stop. They are taking away all our living space.

    Before we know it, we'll have Celine Dion singing in the Eurovision Song Contest and Nigerians playing football for Poland!
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed......If you live here, work here, and take an active role in society then you are more "English" than the thieving, scrounging dole-soaking chav scum that drain the life blood of our cities. I would rather be associated with and live next door to a Bangladeshi who runs a paper shop than half the "English" population of scroungers that I meet.
  12. Agreed on both points. It's good all round and good for the country!! Anyway, at least she didn't have to just pitch up and sign on as it were a la Zola Budd. If she's naturalised then she's "one of us". Doesn't matter if she's muslim or not, plenty of folk have naturalised and done stuff for England. A good focus for the times we live in though.
  13. Entering Miss England (fnnnar) is hardly the same as applying to join MI5 or MI6 or some other reserved occupation. There are no nationality requirements to enter or win the UK lottery (or any other lottery). Passing through is enough.

    UK nationals or not, it sounds like both girls graft and want to integrate (have integrated). Even without their CVs you can tell that by the reaction of the mullahs/traditionalists.
  14. Damn me if I can find anything on the statute books that says it is illegal to enter Miss England (Hold that thought). Sharia law not yet being enforcable in the English Courts!
  15. I hope there is a sh*tstorm over this. I hope the Mullahs, Madrasses and those hypocritical bast*rds that cover their own women from head to toe, but openly gawp and leer at "exposed" women take a nice healthy kick in the jilbis over this.

    The more they rant and rave, the more young muslims will realise just what a backward shower of pedants they actually are. I said this before, that the change in modernising Islam, will probably be led by women. This may not be the ideal , but it grabs more headlines than "Fatima comes top of her Medical course"

    Good for them I'm sure there are other young muslim women saying "She is a dog innit, I am a babe , maybe I should enter"?

    While we don't take beauty contests all that seriously, they are a quantum leap for these young girls. Good on them.