More Political Hypocrisy

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Yet more evidence that our current ruling elite has few if any principles and will do and say anything to stay in power:

  2. JJ.
    Good job I was sitting down when you told me that. I nearly fainted clean away with the shock. On the other hand there's also a fair few Republicans quite happy to suck from the Federal Tit too. So its not a one way street. It looks like the RINO's have been handed a bit of a spanking though. If only we could get more tax cutting MP's over here.
  3. As I keep saying and some are beginning to understand, this has much less to do with conventional labels (left/right, demo/repub etc.) and everything to do with professional politicians whose understandable concern for keeping their livelihoods (and for many the power needed to assuage their egos) put them in an irreconcilable conflict of interest in terms of their duties to the public (expressly sworn under the Constitution I might add).

    When this phenomenon is placed within the context of the prevalent socio/political philosophy of "progressivism" it makes for a veritable devil's brew since this world view has as its core value the supplanting of individual merit, productivity, civic responsibility, self worth and most important, freedom with increasingly onerous and ultimately oppressive central government control of all aspects of our lives. This is accomplished in various ways but the dynamics are similar even if the details vary in terms of the ultimate form of the government structure (marxist, fascist, socialist etc.), how long it takes and how forceful the measures are to get there (from actual coercive force to the "nudging" (see Richard Thaler's and Obama's tsar Cass Sunstein's book for example: Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness (9780300122237): Richard H. Thaler, Prof. Cass R. Sunstein: Books ) manipulation favored by our current masters)----make the people more and more dependent on the government instead of themselves and their own abilities.
  4. I still maintain that there is no such thing as 'freedom', and am very suspicious when that word gets bandied about by someone who is trying to make a political point.

    There is only 'freedom from....'

    There will be many people who would happily lose a bit of what the Republicans bang on about in terms of this mythical 'freedom' if it offered them a bit more freedom from poverty, lack of access to medical care and shite housing.
  5. Perhaps. Again you seem stuck in the demo/repub model and I would urge a broader view. I also would remind all of us that as it has been said, " a government that can give you all you want, can take all you have."

    I would also suggest you drill down into your statement "poverty, lack of access to medical care and shite housing" and at least in the US you may see that the various efforts by our federal government over the last century to ameliorate these matters have in fact aggravated them and even worse served to erode the characteristics of a successful society such as self-reliance, thrift, true community, sense of shame at being on the dole and personal desire to improve one's lot.

    Instead we see a dramatic increase in dysfunctional "families" with serial illegitimacy, horrific crime rates, despair and an increasing sense of "victimhood" that looks to the government to provide for otherwise able bodied and capable people since they have been deprived of their own self confidence and pride due to the government's tender mercies, even if originally well intended (and there is some doubt about that).
  6. Wait a minute, I used to need a visa to travel from the country you describe (in which I live) to visit yours . . . .

  7. Well I wrote that i wondered if anyone might see the parallels not only to the UK but just about every "progressive" nation that has gone down this slippery path.
  8. So what does he do? He goes out and joins a group whose candidates seem to be linked only by IQs in the low double digits with no grasp of macroeconomics or notable only for being conspiracy theorists, closet bigots (see Rand Paul on the Civil Rights Act) or their strong anti-wanking credentials and their resolute belief in sample packets of sunscreen being a useful campaign marketing aid (see Christine O'Donnell).
  9. It has been interesting to see how political commentry on Arrse during the Brown years is now almost mirrored across the pond by many of your, and your countrymen's, posts. i.e. sheer horror at what is being inflicted on your nation's culture, ideals, and economy.

    You have my deepest sympathies. (But in a very selfish way, I breath a sigh of relief and think "thank God it has moved away from Britain".*)

    *To be continued...
  10. Indeed so......