More pointless drivel from MNHQ

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Praetorian, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Is that you again Kev, you IRA supporting cunt? Most of your posts have a somewhat "over the water" flavour to them.
  2. Wanker.
  3. Now, that was a logical arguement. :roll: Do you support Hagee? Do you even know who he is?
  4. I'd rather have you kiss my shitter.
  5. I believe that my arguments before my closing were rational, and as usual you didn't refute them seeing you are hung up on trying to find the answers. I love Obama, he is breaking ground running as the "First Black Racist" in the USA and having been endorsed by a man that achieved the highest rank in the KKK (Sen Byrd) I am all in...I have said on numerous occassions Obama-Rama is my choice...I want the nigger in the White House, and not waiting tables but running the show.
  6. That offer I will have to decline. :wink:
  7. Kev, you are boring.
  8. What Obama thought about Rev. Wright in his heart we may never know. As he said, we all may hear things we disagree about with from our own spiritual leaders. It may be, as he said, he did not hear the worst of the Rev.'s comments, or it may be the comments were taken out of context - but Obama did reject the statements strongly when faced with them. You could say the same of McCain - except that in his case he used Hagee to win evangelical support.

    Why do you call Obama a racist? Because he belonged to an all black church? And, fine you are voting for him, but why demean him by calling him names? It serves no purpose.
  9. Snail, my name is not 'Kev' and you are duller still, as you cannot engage in a logical, thoughtful discussion of any sort. If you find this thread boring, don't post.
  10. shut up you if Obama didn't do the same to try and win over the nigger vote by using are a fuckwitted cunt
  11. I thought you were capable of better than debating that this, but apparently not - or you are plastered? That was Obama's church that he belonged to for 20 years - a big difference from picking some a*rsehole preacher out of the shite because McCain cynically hoped to win over the evangelical fcuktards.
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Dumped in here from MNHQ as I'm sick of this pointless argument.