More perks to be cut.........................!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by top_soldier, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Rev up the outrage bus...................

    Single soldiers can no longer claim disturbance when forced to move rooms!!!

    Boarding school allowance to go in the next 2 years........................
  2. Says who? Source link please.
  3. What fookin disturbance is there from moving to another room ffs?

    Christ I dispair.
  4. £75 I do believe. Or at least it was.
  5. for moving rooms? in the same building?
  6. No, when posted.
  7. Not sure of the actual criteria as I'm a stinking pad, but a year or two ago a load of singly lads and lasses at our place got it for moving to rooms in adjacent blocks.
  8. Thats fair then, if they move camp, why shouldnt they get a perk like the pads do, but if its just a room in a block or within the same camp, then fook me, what a cost cutter that could be.

    We could buy more kit thats of use with the savings :)
  9. Not heard of people getting it when moving within the same camp. I know that there is a disturbance allowance for single soldiers when they move from one camp to another. IIRC it was £90 last time I looked.

    So, Top_Soldier. Where is this snippet of hot int from? Got a link for those that want to read more?
  10. Came out on DIN today - no access here to said DIN unfortunately.............

    Loss of school boarding allowance is not published.......................................yet!!!!!!
  11. Hmm........Few twitchy arrses to come then?
  12. Yes you do get it for moving rooms, some of our lads recently got it for moving to the room directly accross the hallway, £90 for making 3 trips of about 10 yards!
  13. Read the DIN properly, and stand down the outrage bus!

    With the advent of JPA people were getting it for moving rooms within one camp. This new ruling still allows a claim on postings, but stops cheeky claims for boys being moved down the corridor by the SQMS!
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    It was my assumption that disturbance in these cases was to compensate such things as telephone lines, cable TV, etc and are not as frivolous as they seem at first.