More Peaceful Muslim Protests Against Planned Film

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Oh--well never mind--such actions are perfectly reasonable then. ;-)
  2. Civilize 'em with a Krag.
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  3. Supposedly on you tube but I cannot find it.

    Any link??
  4. The pastor is an idiot, as was shown in his last big stunt with a massive Koran burning. But honestly, they have no fcuking room to talk. Try bringing a Bible into Saudi and see how the savages react.

    As Robert Mitchum once said in an interview, "If they won't be peaceful, kill them."

  5. I am not sure I understand the references to the "pastor". I will look for the reference but my understanding is that the outrage was about a film created by Egyptian Copts living in the US. I did not see any reference to a Coptic priest being involved.
  6. This is a stunt pulled by the Reverend Terry Jones, along with Egyptian Copts. The last time he made the news was a few years ago when he announced he was going to have a big old Koran burning, and members of the Religion of Peace all over the world announced they'd do the only sensible thing and kill a bunch of innocents in revenge for the burning of some books.
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  7. I am in total agreement as to the idiot pastor but we have something called the 1st Amendment that (at least for now) allows such things, unlike the state of affairs in the middle east and with the ever so enlightened Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, no film, cartoon or other such thing in any way justifies such violence against our sovereign territory, notwithstanding the ludicrously fawning statement of our own State Dept. that seemed to excuse the violence because of the evil pastor.
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  8. Indeed he is an idiot but nothing he has done in any way explains, much less justifies, the mindless (I use the term quite intentionally) violence by offended muslims, just as we have seen before in the case of the evil Danish cartoonist and the like.
  9. I was being contemptuously facetious about the violent response of the savages to the burning of some wood pulp.
  10. OK It was a bit confusing. The locals in Egypt and Libya were upset by two seperate films. One is from the loony minister in Florida; the other is apparently the product of a effort by a Jewish filmaker and an Egyptian Copt. The attacks on the embassy and consulate apparently involved by people upset buy both films.
  11. I know
  12. GPMG's mounted on the embassy walls would likely have a very salutary effect on the crowd's attitude, if employed liberally and effectively.
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  13. So if it is truly the work of the "minority" of "radical islamiists" then we will surely see universal condemnation by muslim clerics, organizations and other leaders.
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