More PC Nonsense

Just seen this:,,1510915,00.html

Another daft idea. I don't really care if they want to use weird and wonderful characters but I hope that there will be a 'plain english' eqivalent for the addresses, otherwise I won't be visiting them. Why? Because none of the keyboards I use support accented characters!

More pointless nonsense.
I don't see a problem with it.
If someone wants to pay for a domain name that will by it's nature prevent the majority of the world from easily viewing it I think they should be allowed to...

Encouraged even.
I think this should be thouroghly investigated and if the government will cough up a £5 million startup grant I think I would be able to complete the investigation by early 2008 with a minimal total cost to the taxpayer of £15 million. Of course the date and total cost are only conservative estimates depending on how much I can actually squeeze out of the treasury come the time aformentioned deadline. :lol:
Can't see much of a problem; I doubt if I'll be visiting too many sites written in Greek or Chinese.

I like this, though:

"Professor Susan Bassnett, of the University of Warwick, an expert on intercultural studies (wtf...), believes moves to use other languages in British website addresses are part of a growing realisation that people in this country can consider themselves to be both British and of a separate ethnic background.
"People in the UK are much more conscious of their ethnic identities and have a desire to inhabit more than just one world,"

She, of course, comes from one of Saturn's smaller moons, nowhere near the United Kingdom.
I'm sure there's something worth caring about here, but no idea what it is.

Load of people with little better to do fiddling with a system in a way that will do no harm, and opens up a few new adresses.
Next we will be changing the binary system, as it just consists of zero's and one's, or as some see it black (on) white (off) which has racial connotations. Coupled with this, will be banned as it identifies that a website is culterally british in origin, and people in easten countries may get offended (they don't, but they might in the future). Another thought is to use the .co part of to show which religious background the registrar of the website is from, eg - - christian, - muslim, - jehovas witnesses, - methodist, etc etc.

what a load of sh1te, why make problems wheer they don't exist?


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