more pc nonsense- schools this time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. But wait! The goverment wants to put these feral scrotbags in thriving schools, in classes of well-behaved pupils, because it's "fairer". Fairer for whom? Only the scrotes!

    Socialism - equal sharing of misery
  2. socialism= lets not allow the best achievers to excel and help drag the rest of socuety up with them, lets just let the lowest of society drag down the top achievers instead. that way its fair on everyone. Misery and poverty for all!


    agent smith
  3. "Whilst thankfully we went to public or grammar school before we brought in this dumbed down sh*t, sorry equal opportunities " :?
  4. This is a personal bugbear of mine, my mrs who teaches at the school can't even answer me. My lad is supposedly "gifted" i.e being above normal ability in his literacy, however there is no policy (or that old chestnut resources) in school for furthering the education of brighter kids. But guess what, if he was a loser he could have a CSA attached to him because he would be statemented as being below average ability. Perhaps I should just tell him not to bother at school and just teach him how to fill in the forms for the social eh?
    Lets have a country full of Chavs eh Tony, fantastic hats off to you . :twisted:
  5. Sad isnt it rapierman.

    Just think how many gifted children are being denied the right to excel at thier natural talent. it's people like them who make this country great, but in the current climate of PC nonsense, they aren't encouraged to do well as it may cause embaresment to those of a lower academic ability.

    The whole school system is completely messed up. New labour and their islington backers want everyone to be academic and go to uni (even if they dont want to or need to!). Lest face facts, some of us are not academically special, but some of us are.

    I suggest that all pupils go through the normal process of learing the 3 R's (although thats not PC today!), then when they hit 3rd or 4th year (about 14-16yrs) they should be allowed to go down one of two routes.

    If they are accademically gifted then encourage them to study for highers and go on to uni for HE.

    If they are not of academic orientation (very PC 8O ) then they should be allowed to study for a vocational qualification, like being a plumber, sparky, farmer, hairdresser etc. That way they would be able to do something that they enjoy (not studying) and come out with a real qualification (unlike some of those mickey mouse degrees!). They would also be able to contribute valuable tax punds to the country instead of being forced to leave school at 16 without any qualifications and become a life time chav!!

    Problem solved!!!

    agent smith
  6. my younger brother is also "gifted" so my parents have forked out for him to go to a private school. they know he will never reach his potential in a class full of chav oxygen thieves
  7. I also "work" in the State system (with a lad in the sixthform); advice to mates asking "what about the best school?"

    Even if it beggars you doing it, pay for private education.

    In 15 years at one establishment it has varied between good and chav paradise, and it changes in both directions very very quickly, down to whatever the current leadership is (sounds familier!)

    Private schools need the dosh so they are going to keep standards up....
  8. Sends out the message study hard, behave in class, etc, get no thanks and no reason to be motivated by this system.

    Misbehave, disrupt others, be a little thug and get everything given to you on a plate.

    And that goes for our society in general these days. The times I chat to people local, who live the life of riley, never working, yet never seeming to be without; whilst I work hard, pay my taxes - but who's better off? Not me it seems!!

  9. My mother worked as a teacher for most of her life and had to leave because of the rise of useless paperwork and even more useless help to control chavs. My parents mortgaged themselves to the hilt to get me to a good school adn it really paid off, as I am now in the army??!!??
  10. There was a system in place, it was called Vouchers. If your kid showed a talent or was gifted and was awarded a place at a private school then you could opt out of the state system and the money that was paid to your local sink comprehensive was given to the school that awarded your kid a scholarship in part payment for their fees.

    That worked well until the socialists of New labour took over and did away with all of that because having benefitted from the grammar system and the voucher system they wanted to pull the ladder up behind them and let everyone's kids suffer from a PC edyoukayshun sistem that kant teech kids how 2 spull, but kan teech them how to klaym asylum and even thow they kant rite or reed or add up prply they still get all grade A's.
  11. Same goes for my son - who had to deal with a little with peer pressure (yes - even in primany school, tw@tism starts early in some) and worked himself up to top grade of school. But now's there no further for him to go, the only thing I can do is continue to educate his further at home. The same tw@ts who continue to distupy class, called before Hdmaster, etc - are given extra classes (like they want it) and same treatment?? WTF?

    Funnily enough, I bumped into a teacher's assistant who had 'suddenly disappeared' with her daughter who also attended the same school. Turns out she could see the same thing happening and the school said their hands were tied in regards to where funding goes. The councils and/or government is encouraging them to take more care of those who don't want to learn or be there - than those who do. If they want to spend money on these children, take their arrse to boarding school where they are rewarded by not receiving a swift slap-up on head back.
  12. I'm very lucky.

    My daughter at age 8.5 had a maths ability of a 14yr old and the English ability of a 9 year old. Guess what? Her school would only put her up one year which was great :roll: She was then not only bored but was bullied for being pretentious, which was easy as she was the youngest in the school. The problems were not only with the other pupils. Certain of the staff resented her mucking up their all-children-are-basically-the-same philosophy. Some of the bullying was only one stage down from skiffing.

    My son's school had him for a year. At the start of that year he was 40% deaf. We had his tonsils and adenoids removed and his hearing improved. His behaviour however got worse and worse. To cut a long story short, in the year they had him they failed to notice that he couldn't count beyond 12 as 13 and 30 had sounded the same to him and he'd never been taught to differentiate between them. The school basically told me that checking he understood what they were teaching was not part of their remit. :evil:

    Upshot was that I took both children out of school and taught themself for 2.5 years. They are now back in different schools and doing very well and loving it.

    If anyone is having difficulties with schools and wants advice I'm more than happy to help so PM me. My phone number is on the back of every toilet door on the home-ed circuit :lol: It's daunting and the hardest job I've ever done but the rewards make it worthwhile. My son was at the stage of panic attack at the mention of school. Following the time out he is self-reliant and confident with a maturity beyond his years and is happy to go to a primary school in a neighbouring village which boasts only 34 other pupils. Next year he'll go to his sister's school which has over 500 but I know he'll be ready to cope by then.

    BTW, the suggestion that Home-Ed children should work the same hours as school children is ridiculous. One-to-one is very intensive so it is unnecessary to do more than an hour or 2 a day of formal work. The rest of the time we spent going round the National Trust properties, visiting local places of interest and museums, science parks, outdoor adventure centres etc. I'm still taking them out of school once a month so that we can continue learning to ski with our local home-ed group. Life is sweet. :)
  13. unfortunatly after the germans lost ww2 the british rebuilt there education system it works.
    unfortunatly the public school system has ment our glorious leaders can always avoid the state system and so try out every trendy idea that comes into there heads on the state sector.
    case in point Torys lest's sell off all those useless playing fields *******
    the vocher system was more about subsidising people with good accountants javascript:emoticon(':cry:')
    Crying or Very sad.
    Education isn't rocket science disciplne and resources and stop expecting teachers to solve society's problems .
    plus shooting everybody from jarvis would be a start.