More PC nonsense: Police uniform stripper charged

If he was a GAY male stripper... they would have interviewed him for a job.
much easier than dealing with real criminals and it takes our mind of real issues as well.

If you don't have a good day on which to bury bad news obfuscate it with this drivel.
I heard on the radio that he was arrested because he got his truncheon out....
On checking the story he was arrested for 'impersonating a police officer'. Dont know about you chaps but I have never seen a real copper walk into a bar and undress- perhaps I should get out more.....

Still, if it gets their Home Office target required arrest figures up, who cares if its completely and utterly nonsensical and drives a greater wedge between police and the society they are supposed to serve.
The charge would never stick in England; the police round here don't wears hats any more as it stops them looking like the SAS.
"A Grampian Police spokesman added: "As this is a live inquiry we can make no further comment on this incident.""

I'll bet what he was thinking was "What a pair of fcuking useless cnuts, making me stand here and justify their actions. I hope those fcukers on ARRSE don't get to here about it!"

WE did :evil:

And they are :twisted:
Alrighty then... so.... how many actual crimes occured in town while the LE personnel were wasting time harrasing a hard working fellow eh? Do children there face criminal prosecution if they dress up like a bobby for Halloween?
I heard on the radio it was two WPCs ( are we still allowed to call them that ??) Who lifted him. FFS , you can just imagine the short haired ,sensible shoe wearing , humourless, right on b1tches !!!!!! What a complete waste of Police time & money this is , let alone the huge dent caused in PR. I hope the CPS see sense & drop this debacle.

They asked if he needed any help. He said no but they followed him. He wasn't arrested until after his show. Which they both watched!!!!


PassingBells said:
They followed me into the bar, watched the show, then asked me to go back to the station. It was all quite friendly.
Doesn't say if the arresting officers were male or female. :roll:
Believe they were female & watched his full act bofore taking down his particulars.
Can you imagine the scene the next time a police TV series is out filming on location? Someone will shout, "Look out, it's the Bill!" then someone else will shout, "No it's not. It's Taggart." (or Morse, or Inspector Wexford or whatever). Before you know it, half the cast will be thrown in the back of a Black Maria and whisked off to chokey for a stern dressing down.

Reminds me of a TV sketch where all five 'criminals' apprehended during a sting operation turned out to be undercover policemen - "No, I'm the real undercover ploliceman..."
A little common sense wouldn't have gone amiss here.

He wasn't 'impersonating a police officer', and certainly not for any unlawful purpose such as gaining entry into someone's house. He was just dressing up for the sake of his act.

How the police get out of this without losing a great deal of face will be interesting.
Christ - what will happen when Crimewatch do one of their reconstructions. When the old bill turn up in the reconstruction the phonelines could go mad

Eedjits - using our money to chase easy targets

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