More PC Nonsense - Leather Furniture

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gracchus, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. I reckon we should skin vegetarians and use them instead of leather.
  2. sounds like it's a money saving idea to me, can't see the problem, at least the are saving peoples council tax money.
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Make em sit on the floor, they'd soon stop complaining.
  4. I hear MacDonalds provide a comfortable range of plastic furniture. In addition, it's ergonomically designed for the person to slide off every 5 minutes and land on their fat arrse.

    These should be provided - colour coded red, blue and yellow - with the aim of keeping councillors focussed and awake during lengthy meetings.
  5. rofl I am vegetarian (matelot am keeping well clear of you!) if I am faced with leather furniture I either sit on the floor if it is appropriate or find another chair if it's available or failing all that I actually remind myself my head doesn't belong up my arse and sit on the sodding leather! Some people take these things too far
  6. I'm reserving judgement until they've all been thoroughly sanded and varnished.
  7. Lettuce and tomatoes on my Burgers offend me, but you don't here me moaning about it.

    I wish these PC "Right on" mutha's would just F*ck off and find something genuine to complain about.
  8. There is always a compromise, Old English vinyl.

    It would match the briefcases.
  9. Or a vegetarian skin lampshade ... or is that a little too German?
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Why are you bringing Cliff Richard into this?
  11. Okay, all you tree huggers and nut eaters, here are a few facts for you.

    No animal is raised for the leather industry; all leather hides are byproducts of the meat and dairy industry.

    Modern tanneries are effectively non polluting factories and in many cases, such as the more modern tanneries in Italy the "effluent" returned to the local river exceed EC drinking water standards.

    Leather, if well tanned and upholstered has an in service life on domestic or office furniture of 50 years plus.

    As we have established, leather is a byproduct which otherwise would go into landfill sites as being of no other use thereby becoming a pollution factor.

    Synthetic leather substitues, be they based on microfibre nylon, polyester or any other polymer are primary products of the petrochemical industry and require the production of oil, the oil industry being a major pollution source.

    Exposure to UV light in the ambient environment or in direct sunlight causes some colour fade in leather but no breakdown in performance, exposure to the same by polymer based materials causes the breakdown of polymer chains resulting in the loss of plasticisers and the subsequent decay and eventual breakdown of the plastic material shortening its life.

    Ergo, sitting on a chair upholstered with a decent quality leather is a far more environmentally friendly statement than eating falafel on a plastic chair.
  12. They could buy furniture from this company. Hopefully it'd make the granola and Birkenstock crowd die from apoplexy.

    Racist Couch

    Edited for being a linking mong.
  13. she's only offended because she can make money out of it.She's seeking compensation how bloody typical.
    I want a whole suite from them :twisted:
  14. Had a good laf at that one , I work for a company selling vegetarian products, I 'm jusy off to have my lunch and a strech out on the leather sofas downstairs! :roll: