More PC muppetry

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by BiscuitsAB, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Anti stab kitchen knives!

    Knives for window lickers

    If the pc stasi get their way we'll all be down to using these in the kitchen


    Personally I'll stick with my global's ta.
  2. So the chavs will simply buy six-inch nails, or biros, or Stanley knives, or paring knives, or any of the thousands of pointy knives currently in circulation then :roll:

    Try actually punishing criminals properly. That might help, not this rubbish.
  3. I weep for the future.
  4. Nanny State, perhaps. Unnecessary? Mostly. And I might be needing my tin hat for this: However...if you had , say, someone, either through criminal intent or illness, paranoia and soforth, that kept kitchen knives for purposes other than cookery, these things may be useful and even preferable. Vulnerable people in Care settings for instance (not always and among others) sometimes keep knives, for all sorts of reasons.

    Those anti-stab knives could be attractive to folks in my line of work. And the design of these things, without the usual sharp tip usually found on Chefs knives, is also interesting. That said, any knife can cause injury in the wrong hands.

    Whilst we sometimes get pished off with all the Elf 'n' Safety Nannies, a bit of thought for vulnerable people at both ends of a dangerous weapon might not be a bad thing. But in the end, they are nothing like the good old Gustav and thankfully, not the Globals tinny thingies with holes in them, either. So, basically they're crap and no Chef Ramsey wannabe nor your average pro, would look at them twice. 8) Is it safe for me to come back out now then? 8O
  5. I already have an anti-stab knife in the kitchen.


    Totally harmless and could never be used to stab someone.
  6. But it's not STABBING though is it??
  7. What about loonies then, eh? 8O When a mad takeaway Cook's running down the High Street after me with one of those things.....
  8. As someone who was stabbed by two girlfriends in a row (one used a fork - I certainly know how to pick 'em) I can't help feeling that all this means is that the kitchen psycho will slash the recipient with the nasty sharp blade rather than use the point, so logic dictates we should do away with the cutting edge...

    Or we could accept that there is an element of risk in living, and come to terms with the fact that if Person A (let us say for the sake of argument me) makes a comment about Person B's over-large gluteus maximus looking like two midgets wrestling in a pillow case, then Person B is not going to change her murderous mind because there are no spiky bits on the knife to stick into Person A; she'll grab the meat cleaver, or a shovel, or a passing tomcat.

    I've also had a gerbil thrown at my head; vicious little buggers need to be banned.
  9. Things I still suffer from:

    Goldfish Bowl (full) The fish didn't die either
    Coffee (not Costa by the way, even, fcuking cheapskate :x )
    Dinner (not really a loss, but a bruise)
    New dress (don't ask)
    No Gerbils yet, should count myself lucky
  10. My point exactly; small pets as missiles are a social timebomb and must be banned immediately - I'm expecting a Jack Russell Terrier in the back of my head as I type....
  11. I'm guessing irony is what some posters use to make their kit flatty.

  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    been nice knowing an all, but if your getting a russell to the back of the head yer fcuked, little bugger'll knaw your ears off.
  13. Maybe the 'Elf and Safety' Goblins will try and make the Forces use forks instead of bayonets on our bundooks!!

    On Tara's Parade.... the Tara screams the order..... 'Forks'.... 'Fix Forks....'!!!

    'Wheres your Fork... you horrible wee man??'..... ' But, Sir..... I left it in the Cookhouse...!' :oops: :p
  14. How perfectly unrealistic old chap. No soldier would contemplate fixing a Fork, nor a Spork, to his trusty parade gun. It's plain to me and correct me if I'm wrong, but the safest object seems to be the Cookhouse Knife Steel. Fabulous when it's new. And for practice, the readily available wooden sppon (giant size). Have to remember Elf n Safety . Hope that helps.
  15. Knives.... Muppetry....??

    There can be only one!!