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So Army uniforms and National dress are outlawed, but turn up in your Turban or yashmak and you're welcome, honestly how much more will we bend over to apease the PC brigade. IMO graduating from University must rank as a highlight of anyone's life, how sad that you can't wear something you are proud of whilst you do it.
Just falling in line with Service policy for the Kilts I'm afraid.

There was an AGI out two years ago stating " Kilts (i.e full Scottish with the wee dirk doon your sock etc) is not to be worn in none Scottish Regiments in leiu of mess dress.

Just cos Mr Wee Plop McDougald joined the R.E.M.E don't give him the right to wear the McDougald kit for a mess bash.

Wish I had kept the AGI reference now.


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Sgiein Dhu is the knife that goes in the hose top. A dirk is the short sword carried on the waist belt.

I don't have a Mess Dress. Every mess function I've attended says black tie in lieu of Mess Dress. My black tie outfit is Kilted. If anyone suggests that I should not wear it they will find themselve facing accusations of harrasment etc. PC works foe all.
Agree with the above, however, I posted it not so much as a debate on Kilts as mess dress more on the fact that national dress would now appear to be inferior dress to religious dress, at the very least they should be equal. It appears to me that by banning one and allowing the other, the authorities at Cambridge are basically telling us that nationality dosnt count but religion does. Again IMO this is wrong I am and will always be (Scot/Eng/Wel/Ir) because that was where I was born, my religion I can pick and choose to a certain degree (certainly to what will fit a job quota). Again whilst I'm not sure why any one would want to pass out of university in No 2's, I can't see a reason why not' it is after all the uniform of this country's armed Forces which I for one am proud to wear.
Bunch of specky academic knobbers...wear the kit and be damned to them!! Presume he made classic schoolboy error of asking first, so much easier to apologise afterwards isn't it??
So you can't wear british national/religous dress but muslim women can wear theirs......silly me fogot that muslims can do what they want but christians can't. :evil:
At my graduation I saw everything from jeans & sweatshirt to full African tribal garb! (One of the Third World Studies students from Malawi) We had a couple of blokes wearing kilts & some girls wearing saris. It made not a jot of difference to me what anyone else was wearing under their gowns & hoods, so I can't see why it has to be regulated.
I thought Oxbridge graduates were supposed to wear White Tie or something similar under their gowns for graduations? If so it's fair enough for the University to expect grads to obey its own "uniform" regulations, if on the other hand, only suits are expected there is no reason why a kilt or whatever shouldn't be worn.
Why should a turban be unacceptable? There's no reason why sikhs can't wear turbans with suit, white tie or whatever. Bit tricky to wear a mortarboard though.
The lesson here, and elsewhere, is to make whatever you want to do, part of your faith. If I wanted to graduate from Cambridge wearing teabags and a car seat and stated that I worshipped these things as dieties it would take a very brave academic to order me to do otherwise. Nowhere in the Human Rights leglislation is an arbitrary figure showing how many followers a belief system needs to qualify as a 'religion'. To do so would defeat the object of the whole thing and reek of persecution, in other words, if it's a religion, it is protected by a law that supersedes our national law.

Besides which, worshipping teabags and car seats makes a lot more sense than following a long dead chippy who was so popular that he never even got laid. :D
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