more PC Boll0cks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Feb 3, 2007.

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    no common sense, no discussion, no apology, in fact no chance to defend himself, it probably wasn't the wisest thing to say but the school's own comment is ludicrous
    what welfare ? he isn't sexually abusing them or racially abusing them.

    after all this Public and media backlash against pussyfooting around bloody Ethnics, the Lefties are still banging the same old drum, "ooooh we whities are sooo evil"

    BNP is loving this and I am rolling my eyes at the lack of common sense. :shakefist:

  2. Truth hurts I bet.
  3. So where British analog of Kosovo would be created?
  4. Truth eh?

    Tamil Tigers are muslim I take it?
  5. What a bunch of fools. Are they really education professionals? They might be in education but I very doubt that they are 'professionals'.

    Because anyone who's had any contact with kids know that kids lie. They might not be lying in this instance but on balance the benefit of the doubt should lie with the accused. Because, you know, its his job and livelihood on the line!

  6. This is not intended to be taken as accusative, but do you have links to figures on the numbers of suicide bombers from the Tamil Tigers, and the numbers of Muslim suicide bombers?
  7. Tell you what Sven, why don't you pop off and find out how many suicide bombers are or were Muslims.

    LTTE are well versed in the use of suicide bombers.

    They were the 'leaders' in this method but I would imagine the flip flops are making up ground.

    Plus, aren't the Tamils a politico-military organization? Some may well be Muslims. Do you know?
  8. My wife is a teacher and unfortunately they have to put up with this b0ll0cks. As a teacher you are not allowed to express an opinion, political, cultural or otherwise in case you influence a child against their parent's wishes. I am not stating that what the teacher here was saying was not true, but it was a bit of a sweeping comment, especially when he was teaching in a predominently Muslim School. I accept that the schools reaction was little knee jerk, but in religious education you are supposed to foster understanding between religions, not introduce the concept that a small minority of a much larger society are acting on behalf of the wider religion. This would focus the children on the more minority extremist parts of the religion instead of the wider more peaceful understanding of Islam

  9. Christ, wish it was like that when I was in School.

    "Headmaster, Headmaster! I think my History teacher is a cnut and I'm very upset about it!"

    "Don't worry, DPM. I'll sack him at once!"
  10. Muslims ARE responsible for most suicide bombings, so what he's just been sacked for is educating the pupils.

    LTTE are the only other lot big on suicide bombings and I doubt very much their number contains a single muslim. However, LTTE attacks are rather different is that the target is either military or political, rather than just trying to wipe out as many people from whichever group you dislike as you can. It's a big difference.
  11. These witch hunts are becoming increasingly common. In some places, any criticism of ethnic minorities is treated as racism. All that's required is an accusation and you're finished.

    I used to work for a company where one of the staff went AWOL for 9 months. No sick notes, no explanations - nothing. He just walked out one Friday afternoon and we didn't see or hear from him for 9 months. When the other staff complained about this, they were told by a senior manager "He's black. We can't discipline him because he'll have us for racism."

    Crap like this is driving people into the arms of the BNP.
  12. The key word here is "most" not all.

    AM - your ex-senior manager knew more than he said or just talked a load of crap.
  13. edited
  14. The thing is, he denied ever saying those things!

    How can you simply fire someone on the say so of some kids without indepth investigation?
  15. Great stuff, another example of muslim b*llocks at work and another wad of british non muslims will look at whats happened and think muslims are taking the p*ss, if the muslims keep this up it'll only take a year or so before everyone hates them . yea har as I believe our cousins in the colonies say.