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More pay problems...

I started training with 4 Para on Saturday 5th April, and had all my paperwork done by the deadline of Wednesday 23rd April. I still haven't been paid for any days though yet, and am getting a little concerned. It's not the pay i'm worried about, but the travel costs (it costs me £32 return overall to get to London).

So it's been about 6 weeks since I had everything completed and still don' t know if i'm going to get paid or not. If you remember back to when you started with the TA, did it take this long?

Dont want to mention it to anyone there at the moment, I dont want it to seem like im nagging or something.
Fcuk em mate, get in there a ask where your money is.

Its a test to see who has the bottle to front up to the training staff.......................honest.
Unfortunately it's a common problem 4 Para

lots of boys and girls have to wait for their money, sometimes up to 12 weeks in one case I know of.

But it does all arrive in one hit, which is nice.

Errrrrrr you have been signing the pay sheets haven't you? , more importantly, the PSAO and the clerks do know you're spending this money on travel?
I started training with 4 Para on Saturday 5th April, and had all my paperwork done by the deadline of Wednesday 23rd April.
April?! April?! I've been signing paysheets since the end of January and I've seen squat in the way of money. I only got my fugging number a month ago. Any queries to the pay clerk are usually met with a "everythings a mess because of Telic, don't worry it'll be there eventually".
APC are useless, can they actually get ANYTHING right? Fair enough if they are under pressure 'cos of Telic but aren't they supposed to have measures for these situations?
Can you imagine the uproar if they were a normal civvie employer?  :mad: :mad: :mad:
Very true Hairyhaw.

Yeah, I have been signing the pay sheets also. I'm running low on cash every month because of the damn travel fees, and yes they do know the money is going on travel and that it costs me £32.

Who should I talk to? They said to me back in August that they send all the paperwork off to HQ in Leeds and then it goes from there. The adjutant sorted it out, so think I should talk to him?
Too right matey!!
Is there a number at APC so we can phone 'em and find out what's going on? I would just like to know WHEN I'll get paid and judging by the above, we're but a small fraction.  :p

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