More pay issues

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Just noticed I haven't been paid since nov.....

    I didn't do a lot of training in Nov due to being abroad but I was getting the hump as Dec's pay was late so checked Army net to review statement and had an error that said...

    "We're sorry, but we haven't received your pay statement from AFPAA"

    Should it not have at least a statement from the time I got paid still i.e. nov?

    Anyone know what AFPAA is?

    I called my Psao and Admin Clerk but might as well have saved myself the price of the call.

  2. This is a problem i have as well, Not sure my SQN knows what a pay statement looks like!
  3. Well..........the system did crash in December so a little hiccup or too might be expected while they catch up.
  4. Oh so they've gone away from the old 'the person who deals with your unit is off sick at the moment'?