More paranoia?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by RCSignals, May 8, 2005.

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  2. This wont fly for the same reason that a gas pipeline from alaska across Canada into the midwest didnt work out. The US doesnt want to be at the mercy of Canada. A gas pipeline could be shut off as can a railroad. Why create a potential problem between neighbors when you dont have to ?
  3. FFS, this is ridiculous. Out of the huge quantities of ores, timber, etc., that could be moved by this railway, what % will be related to the US military at all, let alone missile defence? And is the US really going to send highly advanced, complex and expensive missile defence gear by, er, rail?

    Paranoid delusionals here trying to stop something that could benefit both countries. I wonder what their real motive is?
  4. Paranoid delusionals 'hobo-phobia'

    maybe it's the 'lonesome whistle whining low'



  5. not to worry.. itwill all be sorted out tomorrow when the Tories/Reform/Alliance/Conservatives bring down the Liberals and we all go to the polls again to sort out the mistake we made last time..
  6. so who will win out of that mess then? NDP? :lol:
  7. Not to ' derail ' this thread by ' shunting it onto a siding '..but..
    it will be a Harper minority most likely...

    Martin will get the boot, sooner rather than later, and Belinda will be lined up to become the 2nd female PM a la Campbell..unless, of course, the much hated economic centre of the universe, Ontario Division, decides the NeuRight is too scary and gives PMPM a squeak thru minority once again because Stephen H is too Bush-lite for their tastes and we're back in the soup
  8. That's a good summation Rocket.

    If they sell the paranoids again against Steven H, it's probably their best chance.

    What a way to become PM, a la Campbell.