More panic-stirring and rabble-rousing

I suppose that "they" are now planning to rent flats and leave the gas on before striking a match, now that this one has been "foiled."



By Gary Jones And Nathan Yates

TERRORISTS could be planning a massive gas bomb blast in London, police revealed last night.

Scotland Yard's leading anti-terror detectives believe the theft of 10 large propane gas canisters may be linked to al-Qaeda.

They have put all units on full alert following their removal from a warehouse in Shepherd's Bush, West London.

A senior detective said last night: "This is a very serious situation. It is enough explosive material to cause large devastation and loss of life."

The canisters, each containing 47kg (103lb) of gas, were stolen last weekend.

In April 2002 al-Qaeda terrorists drove a truck loaded with propane gas bottles into a Tunisian synagogue, killing 14 German tourists.

They have also tried to use small gas canisters as grenades hidden in children's toys.

The detective added: "Propane gas can cause a large explosion. We are talking about a huge amount, which could be loaded onto a vehicle.

"It is urgent that these canisters are found."

Detectives are particularly concerned because the market value of the gas is not high.

They believe the canisters would be of "very limited" use for thieves looking to make money.

The detective added: "It is a real possibility that the perpetrators of this theft are terrorists."

Last week Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens said his officers had prevented an attack on London on the same scale as the Madrid train bombing which killed 191 people.
Well, a 47kg calor gas refill costs L34.97, so if they've piked 10 of them, that's L349.70 for the gas alone... If you're on the dole, that's a lot of money.

And apparently all units are on "full alert", whatever that means. Lemme guess - the Bikini state is still Black Special...

Straws, politicians for the grasping at
So it would be beyond the wit of the terrorrists to ring up Calor Gas and hire 10 x gas canisters for some apparently legitimate purpose, such as heating or cooking in a none-gas mains connected property or whatever?

This on a par with suggesting that any stolen lorry could lead to a Bishopsgate-stylee attack.

Story, tabloid scaremongering, New Labour for the use of.
In a related item:

Police are searching for a thief who robs his victims by threatening them with a lighted match.

They want to catch him before he strikes again.


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